On Tuesday, Marlowe turned two. It’s been amazing being a mama to this little girl. Sure, for part of it, her father was here, but for the most part, it’s been just me and her. Some moments were challenging, but every single part of this journey has been worth it. We planned a little something for the three of us to enjoy together on her birthday. It was a great day, despite being rained out a bit… again. I’m starting to wonder if there will always be rain on her birthday… but I just keep telling myself, it’s like a wedding: its a sign of good luck when it rains on your special day 😉 
I packed a picnic, and the two of them met me at my house. We loaded into the car and started heading south, then west, then east… but in every direction there was only more rain. We finally decided, lets head back. Our saving grace, was a tiny indoor nature center, with a few turtles for Marlowe to enjoy (still her favorite), while she could rest, stretch her legs, and explore: before continuing our drive back north. We found an un-rained on patch, and planted our picnic under a tarp, on a beach side deck. We ate, played, and enjoyed a great picnic together. We packed up once again, and headed north for ice-cream. We tried to plan more, but knew to play it by ear, because nap time was approaching. It was time for Marlowe’s birthday nap, so I kissed her goodbye and continued my day, Marlowe’s special day, without Marlowe. 
She’s growing up so much. And while last year, I would have never imagined our life being this way, it’s okay. It’s really not so bad. Sure, I got a little bit emotional the evening of her birthday, when I couldn’t be with her, to continue celebrating. Especially when a text came in from Alex, a photo of her blowing out her candles, but that’s just how it is this year. We’re figuring it out each day, Alex and I… we only want what’s best for her, ourselves, and each other. I think (and hope) one day she can look back on these moments and see how much she’s enjoyed and how much we both love her. 
our bread, from this adventure.
A few sloppy candids to show: they really are the same furrowed brow person…  😉
She really loves him. Her attachment to him grows each day, and it really makes me smile. I know she’s happy with me. I know she’s happy with him. And I know she’s really happy with both of us. She’s just happy, like she deserves to be. And I’m happy for that. 
Ask her how old she is. She’ll tell you, she’s two. 
Happy Birthday, Marlowe. 


  1. Happy Birthday to sweet Marlowe! It is so beautiful that you give her space to love both of you. I wish my mom had done that.

  2. Happy Birthday M!

    Gosh I do love these photographs. The ice cream ones are great and I adore the below the bench shot!

    You're a great mom!

    Love ya!

  3. So, this whole post, of all of your posts, really did it to me: it made me cry.

    I think it's a combination of your obvious love for her, that almost "best-friendness" that comes with your first babe, not being able to see her blow out her candles the night of her birthday, and the fact that you and Alex were able to be together with her, for the day…to see that you both love her. That's really all that matters.

    Happy birthday, Marlowe!

  4. Happy Birthday, little m! It looks like you guys had a wonderful day, rain and all. I adore her sneakers, also, which has nothing to do with anything, but I do. <3

  5. happy birthday Marlowe. I'm so happy you two are both so aware and set to make sure that she has the best she can have.

  6. Happy birthday dear Marlowe. She is blessed to have you – and I'm so glad she is developing a strong relationship with her dad.

  7. For some reason all of the sweet words in the beginning didn't get to me as much as the last bit, "Ask her how old she is. She'll tell you, she's two. Happy Birthday, Marlowe." Maybe it has something to do with me having a two year old girl too, or maybe I'm just hormonal. Either way: Sweetness 😉

  8. So happy that Marlowe is happy. She's very lucky to have a mom and dad that can work together for her. good job mommy!!