I’ve posted about potato leek soup a few times. I even posted a sloppy recipe once. But as mentioned, I’ve been slowly editing and re-photographing some of my old recipes. This soup is warm, delicious, great for cold or hot weather. The ingredients are minimal and its so incredibly easy, that you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been making this at least once a week for a quick meal. Pictured above is four ways to serve this, but really, there are so many possibilities. Each is incredibly delicious. Just pick your favorite style and run with it.
Leeks: Usually about 2 to 3 large ones. Or 4 to 5 small ones (as pictured). You’ll be using mostly the whites of the leek, so it’s a good idea to find leeks with mostly white stems or a heartier base. Chop off the greener, top part of the leeks. Leaving the whites, and light green for cooking.
Potatoes: 3 medium. If possible, choose a creamier potato, not an idaho. Peel, if you’d like. I keep the skin on. I don’t mind it, and it saves me the tedious step of peeling.
Garbanzo beans: (optional, but adds protein!) one can.
Butter: (I use earth balance) about two tablespoons.
Nutritional yeast: (optional, but yummy yummy) about a 1/3 cup, or however much or little you’d like.
Salt and pepper
Water or stock: most of the time, I just use water.
Wash leeks: really, really well. I know I don’t typically tell you to wash things for recipe instructions, but leeks are dirty little things. Make sure you get all that soil off these guys.
Cut leeks into quarter inch rings. For larger leeks (if you’d like): cut, long way, in half. Then cut into half rings.
Add butter/earth balance to heated pot.
Add leeks, saute.
While leeks are cooking down, cut potatoes into small/medium cubes.
Allow your leeks to cook down a fair amount.
Add potatoes, heavy pinch of salt, and pepper.
Add enough water or stock to cover potatoes and leeks
Simmer until potatoes are soft, and some of the starchiness has muddied the water.
If you’d like, stir in some nutritional yeast.
Salt and pepper to taste.
But wait.. there’s more! For the soups pictured below:
1. as is: brothy, with chucks potatoes and leeks
2. add chickpeas and cook for a few minutes longer.
3. remove a 1/4 to 1/2 of the soup from pot, puree, add back to pot, and mix for a creamy/chunky soup.
4. puree entire soup. add more water or stock, to achieve a smoother consistency.
other options and notes:
serve cold! this works best for the pureed version.
add avocado on top
add avocado, puree, and serve cold!
add broccoli to make “green soup”
even grate some garlic in there for a kick (cold or hot)
and of course: add toast.
this is a pretty kid friendly soup, and its nice to add a pinch of peas for the little ones too.


  1. Ok, nevermind – blindly moved past where you said Earth Balance, too. My apologies! I'm going to go ahead and make it tonight! Hope it's as good as it looks!

  2. Just about to go with your recipe BUT THERE'S BUTTER IN IT! That's NOT vegan!!! Any way around that with a substitute?

  3. I love all your recipes, they have become staples in my house and I have learned that vegan doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Thank you for posting, and please keep em coming esp what Marlow eats (gives me ideas to feed my two).

  4. Ahh! If only I had seen your recipe BEFORE I made a different recipe! I just made soup last night and it was not very good…it was missing something (my husband said bacon, but I'm sure that's not it 😉 Next time I will follow yours!

  5. Ahh! If only I had seen your recipe BEFORE I made a different recipe! I just made soup last night and it was not very good…it was missing something (my husband said bacon, but I'm sure that's not it 😉 Next time I will follow yours!

  6. Just got my first leeks of the season in my CSA box… Looks like I have this weekend's menu half planned!

  7. Sweet recipe, I love potato & leek soup but hadn't considered adding chick peas (and I must admit, you are making me curiouser and curiouser about this nutritional yeast stuff)

    • dude. get nutritional yeast. you won't regret it. its yummy yummy and full of b vitamins!

  8. That looks great! I've made something similar before in my crock pot. It's nice to get ideas for variations :).

  9. I have made the half pureed/half chunky version several times and I HIGHLY recommend the cold version! I love to eat cold leftovers of dinners for breakfast the next day (because I really can't stand most breakfast foods) and oh my, this hits the spot. Especially with lots of garlic.

  10. I am a massive fan of potato and leek soup. I've never considered adding nutritional yeast before. Toally giviing it a go today. I sometimes substitute onions for leeks with little discernible difference too.

    Also (and I hope I'm not being intrusive), it's lovely to see you so happy lately. I was one of the people who commented that your writing had changed when you were with Alex and you definitley "sound" like yourself again 🙂


  11. Perfect with Fall hinting it's way into our lives….thank you!!! I can't wait to try my hand at this!