California was a blast. A short, but fun blast. It feels like lifetimes ago now, but it was only a little over a week. Our California adventure started with a fun mishap… of arriving to the airport and having our ride (Nicolle) accidentally try to pick us up at a completely different airport, 35 minute away. Ooops. Haha. Luckily for M and I, Nicolle’s husband was able to sweep up their little one and pick us up pretty quickly at the correct airport, right by their house 😉 Nicolle, was and is amazing. She went above and beyond for Marlowe and I, especially with the airport disaster (the second one, the real one). Driving to pick us, helping pack snacks for M and I, supplying us with diapers, new clothes for Marlowe (since our luggage had already made it to Miami), and taking the morning off work to drive us all the way back to the airport. Phew. Amazing. Thank you, woman. California was great and exactly how it should be: laid back. Marlowe and Audrey played, Nicolle and I sat around, talked, and maybe had a drink or two… after the kiddos were in bed of course 😉 
We were in and out of Berkley and San Francisco all weekend. I’ve never ventured out there before so I was wicked excited to check it out! I liked Berkley, but wasn’t in-love. It had some neat shops, for sure, but it was too much of a hippie college town. San Fran? I loved. LOVED. The men were so handsome out there. SO handsome. Many were gay, of course, but oh so handsome. Marlowe was in love with the hills. Hills don’t exist in florida, unless they are landfills… meh… so she was extra excited for the ups and the downs (in Hawaii and Massachusetts too). I met up with a long-time internet friend Louisa (like donuts), who I’ve been in touch with for maybe ten years now?! All the way back, in the livejournal days). We ate some delicious sandwiches from Ike’s Place (totally recommended, for vegans and non vegans too). My biggest goal was of course to visit Tartine. On our walk around the mission district we decided to head to The Rainbow Grocery (that was recommend to me by a few people) for olive oil, but half way there I stopped, at a corner, and told the clan “I don’t know why, but I feel like we need to go down this street. We should head to Tartine instead.” Everyone was content doing whatever, so turned around and to Tartine we went. And then the magic happened! Not once, the entire day, did I look at my phone or know the time. Nor did I know anything about Tartine hours. Well, we showed up at Tartine at  4 o’clock to find out… the fresh bread? It’s pulled out the oven at 4:30. Magic. I got to the front of the line, 15 minutes too early. And was told I would have to come back. I already waited in line, but decided to wait again, to find out if this place was really all I had heard and envisioned it would be. After all, my only goal for this trip was to bring back fresh bread. So I waited. The woman I had talked to, came out a few moments later and told me not to wait in the line again, because I already had, and just to come to the front in ten minutes. I thanked her and parked the stroller with a sleeping Marlowe to the side of the bakery to wait. A few moments later, she told me, the pre-orders were done and I could go up to the front whenever I wanted. (Mostly) perfect timing magic. The (short-ish) wait? It was worth it. Kind and helpful service and delicioussss bread. And you better believe I ate half of one loaf right there, made french toast for Nicolle and gang in the morning, and traveled home with two loaves: one for a gift and one for me. I loved San Francisco (and San Jose) and the friends I made there. I’m missing so much of this story now, but the even shorter version is: I loved California and I can’t wait to go back 🙂
The one loaf I brought back for myself, has been safely stored away in my freezer. I wasn’t sure when or why I would un-freeze it… but tomorrow, it will be time to let that delicious beast out. I’m excited to say: Marlowe turns a big bad two years old tomorrow and Alex and I have decided to meet up for a picnic and ice-cream for the little one before he takes her back to his mom’s house for a birthday dinner of some sort. Celebrating my little girls birthday is the most perfect reason to break bread… and put things on it 😉 I’m definitely crossing my fingers for no rain! Speaking of her birthday, I got emotional this weekend and decided that inviting a few of her friends over for swimming at my brothers, wasn’t enough. So the day before… I pulled a party out of no where. With the help of my sweet friend, Emily, we set up the cutest, easiest (and cheap cheap cheapest) last minute tiny party. So happy I decided to do that. After all, it will be her last birthday in our home 🙂 I have so many more posts to share with you guys… and even two giveaways this week too! 🙂 What a great summer (and now fall) this is turning out to be 🙂 
ps! Thank you guys so so so much for all your happy comments on the good news! Marlowe and I cannot wait! The next month is going to be busy busy busy.


  1. I too love San Francisco! We get to job hunt in a few months and that is definitely a place on the list! Congratulations on your new home! Being a home owner is so wonderful!

    <3 Jessa

  2. San Fran is my favorite place in the entire world! My husband and I honeymooned in Hawaii and I told him afterwards that I would have pref to just stay in San Fran (although hawaii is amazing)

  3. I love all your adventures (I think we were in San Fran at the same time!). Happy homecoming!

  4. Okay, that photo of the two of you- I had to do some double takes because you look like the same woman.

  5. That's so sweet of her. How do you look fantastic and get great pictures under those circumstances?! Superwoman 😉

  6. Tiny party for a tiny lady 🙂 Can't wait to see the pictures. I'm sure she will have a lovely weather and even better time. I'm also on a party path with organizing little treats and games. Fun grows when it's shared 🙂 Happy second birthday, Miss M. 🙂

  7. fun!!!! she looks like she can be your twin in the pic where you are together and she is wearing the green skirt.

  8. Sweet! Love San Francisco! Grew up in San Jose! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  9. That bread looks incredible. I have only been to the US twice. Once to go to New York and once to San Fran. But it is true what they say that without doubt I lost my heart in SF. I could see myself living there….amazing place. Glad you had fun xx