Hawaii already seems like a lifetime ago. Dreamlike, almost. Time is slipping by so quickly these days and all I want is to be able to slow it down. So many good moments take place, and I wish for a few more minutes, or even seconds, to fully cherish them. I’d like to think the time in between, when my eyes are shut, to catch a few more minutes, is when I can stop to think, but it doesn’t work that way, my mind never rests. Even in the moments when I try to focus, not one thought ever settles in my mind. It’s a constant go go go, of half thoughts. Always half thoughts. I don’t want my Hawaiian memories to fade. I want to keep them tucked away, in a safe place behind my whizzing thoughts. A good place. 
Here are a few more images of the places Marlowe and I visited, while on our far away adventure…


  1. Oh gosh! It feels like you're on the set of Lost (I'm currently watching it for the second time and I know you understand me XD)


  2. Amazingly beautiful! It is an absolute must that my family and I (at the very least) visit Hawaii at sometime in our lives. I had a chance to visit a couple years ago when my cousin was stationed there, but I wasn't in the right place in my life to go so far away from home. I regret it now because it probably would have helped me a lot. 🙂