My mom flew down a few days after I signed the papers on my new house, helped in a million and a half ways, and left yesterday, back to Massachusetts. Marlowe adores my mother— really, really adores her. She runs around calling her all day long: “Abu! Abu! Abu!” (her own version of “abuela”). It’s such a sweet sight to see them together. My mom has always begged me to put a step stool in my kitchen for Marlowe, but our previous kitchen was much too small and narrow. But now, finally, a stool is in place, and Marlowe can climb up to help us cook (just like my mom always wanted), whenever she so desires. And, in Fridays case, to help Abu make arepas for our first big dinner in the new house. My mother made arepas for weekend breakfasts for along as I can remember, I didn’t particularly like them growing up, but now, it’s such a nice treat to have my mother make them for me (and all my hungry friends), when she’s in town. And it’s an even bigger treat, when Marlowe helps her make them. (vegan ones for us, regular ones for everyone else). M and I are so lucky to have my mom fly down, as often as she can, to help us out. It really is such an incredible relief to have an extra set of helping hands around. We both miss her already.
How do you like our new kitchen? It’s still relatively small, but since the other side of the island opens up into the living room, it feels large. This kitchen looked much different two weeks ago. There are still many things I don’t like or I want to change (the backsplash tiles for one, and I actually despise granite) but kitchen upgrades are pricey, so that will all have to wait for another time, far down the road. Like many, many have asked, I do plan on posting a home tour. It hopefully won’t be very far from now, but for now, there still there are many rooms left untouched, there is no art on the walls, and there are a lot of things that still need fixing. I’ve taken photos pretty much every step of the way to potentially share, and it’s been quite nice to see the changes progress. Thank you for all your feedback via comments and emails. I’m making notes, and definitely plan on addressing each topic 🙂



  1. yay for a lovely kitchen! your family and your blog are adorable. i have the same step stool for my little one. she has just started to push it up to the counter to cook and bake with me, and i love it.

  2. Great kitchen! I just got a step stool for my little helper (who will be 2 in December), but I'm so paranoid about her falling off of it. She LOVES to get up there and help though, so I've just been taking my time and taking her off of it when I need to step away. I sort of wish I had money/space for one of those learning tower things. Even though they're a little over-the-top, I'd worry less about her breaking an arm or something.

    I'd love to hear more about Marlowe helping in the kitchen. Whenever my sweet P is helping, I get that heart-exploding, "this is what I imagined about being a mom" feeling. Bonus is hearing her enthusiastically shout things like, "Yummy kale!" and "Hot tempeh! YUMMY tempeh" before it's even done. 🙂

  3. I love the new kitchen! Marlowe is getting so big! she looks so cute helping her Abuela! Looking forward to a new home tour!

  4. I love the new kitchen! Marlowe is getting so big! she looks so cute helping her Abuela! Looking forward to a new home tour!

  5. We have that same step stool! I bought it way before I was ever pregnant because I'm a midget basically (not really, just short). I used it while hugely pregnant because rearranging cupboards is what you should do while trying to induce labor, right? My husband died 459 times when he saw me up there….anyways, it's so fun now to see my kiddo on it (again) and washing hands or helping me out. I digress. The kitchen is fantastic!! It seems way larger than your previous kitchen.

  6. I just love this! It brings back so many memories of my childhood. I think our moms would get along 😉 my mom loves cooking and baking with the kids. especially anything with a spanish influence.

    anywho, i love the kitchen! it's white, and you know i love white 🙂 and looks like great appliances. i like granite, i think it looks sharp. we installed it in our house. while i do like it, in the future i would maybe choose something different. contrary to what they say…it does in fact stain. and it changes color a bit.

  7. Nice size kitchen and lovely and bright!
    I may well be butting in here and telling you something so massively obvious you can tell me to poke my nose elsewhere 😉
    But…..seeing as your kitchen is lovely and white a change of drawer knobs would be a good way to brighton up your kitchen and make it 'yours' and also some people would go mad for granite so if you could get someone to help you remove it carefully then you could sell it and perhaps use the money to help pay for that and then some wood which is warmer and cheaper…. Just an idea….of course.
    PS I've never heard of arepas before, so i'm off to investigate! xo

  8. Ha! A cute little helper is the best…and moms who help are great! You're lucky you have both!