We’ve been having some fun in this “biiig house” of ours, when we’re actually in it. I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to accomplish (one too many) things. But when we’re here, and it’s quiet, we love it. Hide and seek, exploring new places, cooking, everything else, it’s been fun. In fact, I haven’t even had internet, and hardly any proper phone service here, but we’ve been so busy, it’s hard to really care. I’m actually, currently sitting in my laundry/sound proof music room (odd, I know) hooked up to some possibly illegal or accidental internet… oh, and I’m in the dark. The light is wonky in here. I have no idea, don’t ask. The internet people are heading over this way tomorrow. Marlowe is adjusting incredibly well to this new house, and so am I, for the most part. Part of me wants to scream, (the OCD part) because so many things are still sitting, untouched, at the front of the house, but for now, I’ll just keep running around like a crazy person, until there’s time to work on everything again. Marlowe is obsessed the doors. This might make some people scratch their heads, but we didn’t have doors in our old house. Not real doors anyway, the house was too small, so to save space, the entire house was built for pocket doors. Here? In and out, in and out, slamming doors to every room. She loves it. She brings everyone who visits, into her new room and proclaims “Marlowe mess!”. Yes, it is a mess. I somehow, someway, need to bring the rest our belongings (her crib, her dresser, her dollhouse, and a million other things) over here, before wednesday. Yikes. Other than Marlowe fighting sleep, nothing seems to be off. She’s a content busy bee, just like me. She’s already started to call it “home” 🙂


  1. love the built ins and the skylight. Hate the mess of moving in : I'm sure you can't wait to get it all cleaned up.

  2. LOVE that room! What a transformation! Looks amazing, can't wait to see the whole house when it's finished.