My friend Mikey and I decided to head to Miami for a night (and a day) of fun. We wanted cashew milkshakes, yummy food, the beach, and a night of lots of dancing. Wonderfully enough, we accomplished all those things. I’m pretty sure his whole goal of the (half) weekend was to get me to say (and admit) “I’m on vacation!!!” I didn’t. I said, “I’m not on vacation, I’m in Miami, staying over night at my friend Jamie’s house.” We went back and forth on this, all night, and all the next day. We even made a bet over cashew milkshakes about it. I won the bet, ver fully saying “I’m on vacation” (heh, I’m stubborn). 
Looking back, I was on vacation. I can hardly keep my eyes open right now. “I’m tired”, said anyone  who ever decided to work full time, pick up small side jobs, blog, pack, fix up and move into a house, all while raising a kid (mostly) by them self. Heh. 
My mini vacation was fun. Really, Miami is always fun. I can’t wait until things settle down again, and I can head back… with or without Marlowe (but probably, most likely, and joyfully, with Marlowe). I’m so happy that I was able to spend some time down there before this exhausting chaos started. It was so good to see old college friends, dance until the early hours of the morning, sleep until noon, lay on the beach, and go to my favorite falafel place, produce market, and asian restaurant (mmmm steamed buns).  
poppin’ bottles… of water 😉
“did you just show your teeth?” -jamie
i love you, steamed buns. 
Until next time, vacation. 


  1. Are those buns from Gigi's? I am obsessed with those and now that I am not living in Miami but in Portland I am missing them more than ever! Just found your blog today at work, my productivity level is at zero, thanks.

  2. That looked like a very interesting vacation. I just went on vacation with a couple buddies to the palm springs in California. We booked a bunch of palm springs vacation homes and had ourselves a good old time. I really would like to try one of these cashew milkshakes you speak of.

  3. Where is the falafel place? The steamed bun place? The produce market? This (temporary) miami mama would like to know 🙂

  4. Where is the falafel place? The steamed bun place? The produce market? This (temporary) miami mama would like to know:)

  5. This is random, but I love that you say "heh" instead of hehe (I mean who really laughs like that) to write your laugh. Also, this "vacation" looks grand (who really says grand;)

  6. Look at those pearly whites!!!! 😉 Haha I love your smile…especially with your teeth showing.

    Glad you got some time to yourself for fun!

  7. I live near Miami and also would like to know where to get the delicious sounding food you mentioned. Steamed buns! Cashew Milkshakes! Please share.

  8. I live near miami and also wanted to know where to get the delicious food you mentioned. Steamed buns! Cashew milkshakes! Please share.

  9. I want to know where in Miami to get a Cashew milkshake or if you know of any place in the Orlando area to get one!!!
    Fairly new reader who LOVES your blog and loves the fact you packed up and traveled all summer w your sweet girl!

    • It's heaven. Freakin' heaven. And exists no where, but in cashew milk shake land. Aka. from Glaciar Farms, Homestead, FL/

  10. Your bathing suit is amaze and the beach looks beautiful. I adore when people smile with their teeth! I feel like it's genuine joy. 🙂

    Also, are you sick of this heat already?! I'm in Orlando and ready for cute fall clothes and weather. Blah.

    • My mom actually gave it to me about 10 years ago, from Brazil. It's quite the gem <3