In this past week I’ve:
  • packed up most of the old house.
  • said goodbye to two of my very best lady friends. (both, separately, packed up and moved to New York. It leaves me with only one very close lady friend around here. I’m a bit sad. I already miss both of them so much.)
  • been busy, busy with late night or nap-time sewing and completing orders.
  • taken any extra minute I can, to sleep.
  • finished my candida cleanse, and have been carb-overloading. So much pasta and so much mac and cheese.
  • skipped my late-night yoga sessions, more than I’d like to admit. (I’ve been alternating between this one and this one. A yoga post is coming in the near future, for those who are interested)
  • had a hard time choosing paint colors. Especially between this color and this color. But of course, I chose this color again, most likely for miss Marlowe Paloma’s room.
  • uncovered the most gorgeous covered pergola in my yard. The yard is small (perfect for the 2.5 of us), but I have landscape dreams of a large raised-bed of vegetables is in my future. I’m looking forward to some help from Ms. Robyn.
  • received the cutest gifts. Well, Marlowe received the best gifts. So many hair bows from Johanna and Lisa. The prettiest dress from Ms. Whitney Reeder, and a baby wearing doll, all the way from Ecuador!
  • enjoyed being able to peek in on Marlowe at daycare, with my phone. A little creepy, but neat to watch her during the day, whenever I please.
  • purchased the largest dresser ever. It’s quite the fixer-upper, but I look forward to re-doing it similar to how I did Marlowe’s cabinet. I almost even debated on pink, after seeing this image, so pretty!
  • had two run-in’s with roaches, one this morning, in my make-up bag! YUCK! Why would he ever go in there?! (the downside of Florida)
  • enjoyed one night out (a goodbye party) and will be enjoying one more night out, tonight. After months of not going out, it’s nice to be able to take advantage of my mom’s expert babysitting service to have a date night out on the town. Two drink max, otherwise, I’m useless with a hangover tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a night of heels, dinner, and hopefully dancing.
Things haven’t been so bad around here 🙂 Sure, lots of (un-mentioned) inconveniences have popped up, but all in all, I’d say I’m winning in this game of life. Things are moving slower than I had planned in this house fix-up and I’m getting a bit nervous that it won’t all be done before my move out date… but of course, only time will tell 😉 Speaking of the end of the month, if you’d like to purchase an advertisement spot for the month of November, email me. With the new layout, sizes have changed a bit, but I think the space looks better than ever 🙂 Time to keep going, going, going, before my sicky snot monster wakes up :)Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. You are the queen of multi-tasking, I swear! I could never move (alone), fix up a house (alone), work, take care of a toddler and still have time to fill custom orders. Has anyone ever told you that you rock? I'm sure they have, but you do! 🙂

  2. Oh, I LOVE the paint colors! We're getting ready to paint so I visited the website and LOVED so many of them!! =]