Because I like to take on way too much at one time… and because working, single-moming, keeping up with a house, and moving into a new house, wasn’t enough, I decided to take on a new blog design too. Who needs sleep, right? Sooo yeah, in case you’ve been following along via email or a reader, we’ve got a new look over here! Mostly 😉 There’s still going to be a tiny bit of tweaking here and there, but nothing too drastic. It should still be simple enough to navigate. Everything will be broken off into sections, in the main categories up top. Everything from easy DIY’s to recipes and things on toast… and even a vegan category now too. All the contact info like twitter, facebook are still right there. You can still follow along on bloglovin‘. I’m always looking for ways to better the look of ohdeardrea, so if you’re having trouble finding something, or have any other thoughts, let me know. A HUGE thanks to miss Sarah Dyer for the beautiful illustrations and a big hug and thank you to Jordan for helping my not extremely savvy self with the html 🙂 


  1. love the new look! btw – do you ever post a recipe on your bread? I'm dying to make one

  2. Awww it is SO SO beautiful & i could tell it was Sarah's beautiful work straight away! I love it all the little personal touches are adorable! I'm going to spend all night here i can tell, once i've got my 3 littleuns down for the night 🙂

  3. I love the couch illustration for "home!" That couch has become iconic. 🙂

  4. When I go to your website in firefox, the little icons (about, contact, home, food, etc.) are covering up the main title.
    Not sure if it's on my end or your's but thought I'd give you a heads up!

    • Yeah,it's on my end. I've decided that I'll never have a bog that fits all browsers. I've given up. Que sera sera! Thanks though! 🙂