Well guys, it’s the end of the month… and I’m in need of collapsing into my bed. I’ve got a snuggly baby waiting in there, because a cold front hit and these old windows are letting in quite the draft. I look forward to the snuggles keeping us warm. Tomorrow is halloween, but even though the weather has been amazing (down here), it looks like M and I might be in for the night. Coughing up a storm today, and little to no voice at some points (her, not me, I’m just blefft). Fingers crossed she feels better tomorrow. This has been a really great month for us, so I really can’t complain. Big things have been happening, the weather has been perfect, and I’ve been taking on more and more (soon to be shared) projects to be excited about. Here are some of the wonderful october sponsors that have been sharing this great month with us 🙂 Give them some love and enjoy!
Sleep sacs and swaddles for your little ones! M refused to be swaddled starting at day three out of the womb, but for babies who prefer to be snuggled up, Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines is king. Light enough for Florida weather, or warm enough for northern winters. Comfortable, well made, and best of all: awesome looking. Find them on Facebook too. 
The surfing life of a vegetarian, Californian girl. This blog just gets better each time I look at it. Pretty lady, cute husband, beautiful life. It’s a good read for everyone. I’m especially fond of Devon’s traveling page
We unfortunately don’t cloth diaper anymore. I was convinced M would be potty trained in Massachusetts so I gave all the cloth away. We ended up staying one week, and the potty never happened. Fail. But if she was still in cloth, you can absolutely bet I would have one of each of these diapers to put on her butt. Seriously, how cute are they!? Buy HERE. And learn about the good causes Zoopie donates to: HERE
The wonderful family blog of Ana. So many beautiful photos posted each day of her beautiful little boy, husband, and their sunny life in Canada. Ana is even offering a free photography workshop soon! How fun! I hope I can make time to check it out 🙂
My favoritteeee! Cloth! And not just cloth, but up cycled, vintage, (mostly floral!) cloth napkins! We use these every single day in this household. This is what Marlowe knows to be a napkin 🙂 They’ve also added new vintage items to the shop. My favorite: the vintage books!  
Suburban mama raising her adorable little one, Leia. Filled with direct and honest real life, humor, and family life. New Mom In The ‘Burbs has a bit of something for everyone 🙂
The prettiest hair clips, that I can guarantee will stay in your little one’s hair. M runs around, clip in hand, yelling “muh bow! muh bow!” demanding for help to put them in 🙂 Loved by mama and by baby! I’m obsessed with these, these, and this one
I like Heather, because I learn a lot from her (blog). I feel like I know a fair amount about herbs and natural remedies, but in just about every other post I learn something new 🙂 Herbs or not: sweet mama, adorable kiddo 🙂 And THIS
oh and ps! Remember that yoga routine I posted about? And the harder video I’m trying? The Ultimate Yogi. Get an additional 15% off by using the code ohdeardrea15 at checkout!