elvish shirt c/o: Truly Sanctuary
I have a matching one, is it too much if we where them out together… because I want to 😉 
bunny pancake
the start of bringing back crafting, a gift.  

a recipe: take all the leftovers you have, place on warm tortilla, top with avocado.

enjoyable coincidences. 

puzzle night

comfortable heels, finally. thank you Moheda.

 a tiny chef in a barren kitchen

I’ll never be adventurous enough to fly upside down.

happy place.

my mom is in town…
insert food coma.
no caption needed.


  1. Ah! The Elvis shirt! I love it and yes you should wear them together and be sure to snap a picture!

    • Pier one! They were having an outdoor sale.. and this one was damaged/missing pieces so I got an additional clearance price off the sale! Woot! (Wayyy too expensive otherwise)

  2. Is this inside the new house?
    Gosh I love that chair in the final pic. Is it comfy? I've never met a hanging chair that was as comfy as it was pretty.

    • nope! New house is still empty! SO much work needs to be done. The chair is wicked comfortable!

    • arepas (vegan and non vegan), a roasted potato dish with peppers, leeks, and other yumminess, and eggs (not so vegan)

    • I giggled a bit when I stood up to find Jerry next to the open page of the dog. 🙂