You know around that time when you hit 37 weeks pregnant or so? You feel like you’ve been hit by a truck and you just keep pushing yourself to clean, organize, prepare everything? But then… BAM: your body gives you the flu, to forcibly stop your body from moving. I feel that way right now. Today is a big day for me. A really big day. And as much as I’m battling the fever my body has thrown at me, I’m still very aware that I need to go go go, because now, more than ever, it’s crunch time. There is very little things that can get me to sit still. Cuddling is surefire… and maybe, sometimes the occasional cheesy tv show, or a puzzle. But currently? Not so much an option. Each night, instead of taking a moment lay down in bed, I’ve been up: packing, organizing, stressing…well, until the (mild) fever came, then it was mostly just stressing. The reality is, Marlowe’s daycare is probably to blame for new runny noses in this home, but you know me, I like to think it’s the universe giving me a sign that I need to find some way to force myself to sit, even if it’s just for two hours a day. Two hours of sit time, six hours of sleep, that should be enough, right? I think so. In my world, the way to relax more, is to (wisely) bring more on. So, new plan: start creating again. It’s time to force down-time, by the only way that works for me: commitments that require sitting-concentration. I have no intentions of starting up a shop again, but I have started taking in custom orders again… and you know what? It makes me really stressed (haha), but really happy. On one hand, I sit there, thinking of all the other things I need to be doing, on the other, I’m actually sitting (woo!) and making really fun things for really great people. It’s a win/win. 
Tonight, I sit and work on one of these babies. But now? It’s go (go go go) (house!) time. 


  1. Hope you feel better soon and that everything goes smoothly for you. Thank you for all of the effort you put into your blog, which always makes me feel better about life. Good luck with your move Drea.