Meals have been all over the place these days. Actually, more times than not, they’ve been on a blanket,  on the floor of our new place. Pre-prepared, cold, eaten with a plastic utensil. It’s obnoxious to have your life thrown so completely off schedule, but we’ve been doing pretty good. On the extra-off days, rice and beans (cooked with tons of diced up veggies) or pasta (also with tons of veggies) are key. Easy, and loved. Leftovers have always been our best friend, but these days, they’re a necessity. The new kitchen is small, but open. Many more cabinets, a view into our open space, and tons more light, I look forward to the meals that will be prepared in our new home. 
black beans, zucchini and corn in couscous, guacamole.

leftover chana masala mixed with rice, peas, corn and a side of (leftover) smoked paprika breakfast potatoes. 
carrot soup, a big (leftover) spoonful of rice, and roasted brussels sprouts topped with nutritional yeast. 
arepas, baked potatoes with leeks and peppers. 
vegetable rice with beans. 
tofu scramble with avocado toast
veggies shimmered with tomatoes and pasta.
cole slaw, mac and cheese, veg*n chicken (which she surprisingly ate, she usually pushes it aside)


  1. I really admire your ability to cook and manage a toddler. My daughter is 15 months and I would love to make her amazing meals like this but I have such a difficult time watching her while I cook, I swear she eats beans for dinner every night. Poor kid. I have to get better at this mom thing!

  2. As usual your food looks amazing, but crazy that your napkin on the bottom photo is the same as a pillowcase my grandma had that I made into a dress for my daughter! What the what!!?

    • the cloth napkin is from dot and army (on etsy) they use up cycled vintage sheets and fabrics! Def. check them out. I have some napkins that were once my grandma's sheets too 🙂

  3. I'm impressed that you make such nutritional meals while being thrown off! It's so great to see your meal ideas.

    I love the built-ins in your new home! Lovely!

  4. I renctly became a vegetarian and am always inspired by your meals 🙂 You are such a great mother to Marlowe, I can't wait to be a mother like you someday, great job 🙂

  5. The first meal of black beans, corn and zucchini in couscous looks so yummy, as does the vegetable rice and beans.

  6. Oh, my. I wish I could eat as great as little Miss Marlowe. I love the idea of cooking healthy, delicious meals, but I've never done it and it doesn't come naturally to me. The black beans, zucchini and corn in couscous and guacamole looks soooo tasty! 🙂