This tea? It’s for everything, I swear. When I made the transition to veganism… I detoxed… and I drank this tea (and some juices) for two days straight. When I’m sick, it’s a good go to… as long as I have an orange in the house (I ALWAYS have ginger and lemon). It’s really delicious (unless you let the peel sit too long, then it’s super bitter) and it’s loaded with good stuff. Try it next time you’re sick, fasting, or just wanting something really yummy and warm to put in your belly. It’s super delicious.

5 cups water
1 orange
1 lemon
honey (or agave or sweetener of choice for strict vegans)

a few sprigs of mint
1 lime

How to:
combine: the zest of one lemon and one orange (one lime optional too) with 5 cups of water to one pot. slice up ginger and add to pot. For an extra kick (really good to fight the sickness) grate one inch piece of ginger and also add to pot. Add juice of one lemon and one orange (one lime optional) to the pot. Add a few sprigs of mint.. and if you feel really crazy, add the leftover lemon and orange peel too. Allow to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Ladle and strain into a mug. Mix in a few teaspoons of honey and add a few mint leaves.

Makes about 3 to 4 servings. Serve hot. Reheat as necessary. Feel better and enjoy.


  1. I am on the verge of doing a cleanse (I'm vegetarian and have been trying to convert to vegan but can't kick the dairy quite yet). What types of juices did you drink along with this when you cleansed? Any good recipes!

  2. omg perfect. just came down with an awful cold/sinus infection and we have family photos on saturday. i may only drink this for 2 days straight and try to flush whatever is in my body OUT. thank you 🙂

  3. Lovely juicer! I've been on the hunt for a unique juicer lately. I will be trying this tea for sure. Thanks for the great recipe.

  4. It's on the simmer right now. Much needed with a long work day ahead and something yummy and warm to sip on instead of my normal (naughty) default of english tea and 20 biscuits!


    • Pretty sure it is 🙂 It was a birthday present.. and pretty much all my friends, family, whoever know the surefire perfect gift for me is an anthropologie ceramic or home good item of some sort.