I’ve got a pretty big to-do list around here. I’ve been enjoying my (albeit: trendy) chalkboard wall. I enjoy having a place to take notes, without wasting (writing, crippling, placing in pocket, and losing) paper. I have about 5 loads of laundry to do. No dryer. I have a whole room that needs paint, touch-ups, and re-flooring. The AC works: when it wants to… lucky us: the air outside has been cool (enough). I love my place. The OCD neat freak in me is stressing out a bit, because I want everything to have it’s own spot, but really, there are a lot of boxes that still need a home…(and will have it: once the final room is done). I planned on thought about working on the guest room/ art studio this weekend, but it didn’t happen… instead: I spent the last two days relaxing and enjoying my amazing kid, lots of food, and a few friends too. It was a wonderful, tired, weekend. I needed it. Live and let live: things are good.

to be painted…witch hazel, cotton, (mostly homemade) moisturizer, homemade deodorant (it really works, guys, like, really, here in florida), tea tree oil (germ fighting, zit fighting, dandruff fighting 101) oregano oil (for all the extras)white walls are either cuddle or whisper. blue wall in marlowe’s room is seaglass.


  1. Drea, your house is shaping up so good! I'm so jealous off all that space!! We have a chalkboard wall too in our kitchen, it is SO handy! Although lately, it's become a dumping ground for pics/rambles i think of whilst i'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for things to cook!!


  2. Hi! I have never used oils, but I wanted to start doing so. Are oils dangerous? How should they be used? Should I start with tea tree oil?
    Thank you!

    Your house looks fantastic 🙂 (courage with your laundry ;))