We had an especially wonderful morning. We woke up a bit earlier than usually, had company over, and made a big breakfast. I’m not really a breakfast person, I prefer all things savory (give me more toast), but this was so incredibly nice… and a little bit of a big deal… and totally worth eating breakfast for. Our old place didn’t have a table, so all our dining was done on the couch or on the floor with the coffee table… but now, finally, we have a table. Yes, it’s a picnic table, in our dining room, but it works, and it’s just what I wanted. And hey, it kinda goes with the whole tent in the room theme 🙂 Sure, Marlowe has had breakfast a million (exaggeration, I know) times in this house, but I feel like this was really our first proper meal in this new house. Marlowe for the first time ever, was shown how to set the table. And! We even brought out our extra special paper placemats from Marlowe’s first pancake birthday party. It was perfect first meal. I look forward to many, many shared meals on this table, in this new house of ours. This house is really and truly become a home. We love it.
And to add to this perfect morning…. tonight is house-warming party time! I cleaned up house, nailed up some wall art, hung lights in my pergola, painted my dresser yellow, and swept the floors. A theme didn’t work out so well, it was just tooooo short notice, but Marlowe and I did drive out to Alex’s restaurant to steal a few loaves of bread for snack-age tonight, and Laura will be coming over shortly to help me prep lots of things to put on top 😉 I’m looking forward to it: a few friends… maybe a few kids… some wine, a little dine… it all sounds like a great thursday night to me.


  1. Your house is lovely, all the colors are at once poppy and cozy…and the picnic table goes perfectly! And don't even get me started on that macrame owl… 😉

  2. I hope your party was a blast! I also hope we get to see a before & after of your dresser DIY. Even though it's only paint.. I'm sure it looks awesome.

  3. Who needs a proper dining table when you have such a vinrage-looking cool picnic table? I love your picnic table and the tent beside it :))

  4. Congratulations, Drea! I hope you're having so much fun tonight. I love the gray on the benches, they offset the table so well. I don't know if you planned to do the whole table, but it looks really cool in that first shot the way it is. xoxo!

    • Everyone kept asking me if I ran out of paint…. no, I thought it looked cool like this too! Thanks Tiff 😉

  5. so pretty! we actually used a rustic picnic table as our dining table at our last home and I loved it! we also went without a dining table for a while and it's hard… enjoy your new space!!