Oh, the the lovely period.
It’s been mentioned multiple times on this thing, but I’m not so much of a movie person. The drive-in can be fun and sometimes I’ll want to see a film at home, but 90% of the films I want to watch are documentaries. And let’s be honest, 90% of the documentaries I watch are about food. When I’m not watching a food documentary, I’m a sucker for any film that brings a good sense of learning and self awareness…. or learning about self awareness. So yeah, we (women) all get that thing, once a month. We all started mostly around the same age… and for the most part, as adults, I feel like we can safely and (mostly) comfortably talk about it with each other. And more times than not, our cycle will affect the people closest to us. I’ve actually had a fair amount of lady friends complain that I’ve messed up their cycle when they spend too much time with me. Sorry friends, I’m sensitively hormonal.
Sometimes it’s good to talk about these things. Well, all the the time it is… in my (open) book, anyway.
But growing up? I remember girls being teased about it, especially the girls that got it younger than the rest. And I remember friends not being able to even discuss it at all with their parents. Me? I don’t remember much talk about menstruation, other than in health class, maybe. But that first time? The day I realized I got my period? I cleaned up, walked out to my mom and said “well, I guess I got my period”. She squealed with joy, asked me a few questions, and gave me a hug. A few hours later, my mom showed up with two (red) gifts. Kind of embarrassing for a twelve year old… but now, kind of adorable. I wish all woman could feel as comfortable in their skin, as a child, as they do in adulthood. Life is hard enough, but to bring fear in your life by uncertainty or fear of people judging you, makes it even harder. Strength and tough skin are important for all of us, and the younger we can make girls feel secure in themselves and in their bodies, the better. So enter: Monthlies. It’s not out yet, but it’s something I’m looking forward to. You know, I don’t do these posts often, but sometimes when I find good things, that I think can impact most (or all) of us, I want to share (like this book). I can’t imagine the money or the time that goes into creating a documentary, but I’m hoping Monthlies reaches their crowd-funding goal. Especially as a mother, to a young daughter, I want to be able to, without stress, bring some ease to the sometimes scary or painful taboo that is menstruation. Hopefully, you’d all like to help them bring some light to young girls everywhere too. (Monthlies crowd-funding)


To nudge you even more, Monthlies has asked me to host a giveaway and is offering one winner a package filled with… two dvd’s: Monthlies & The Moon Inside You (the original film from which Monthlies sprouted from), a t-shirt, earrings, pin, and a set of indian bracelets, collected from time spent traveling and creating the film!
To enter:
Please visit the Monthlies crowd-funding site and check out the Monthlies trailer, come back here, and leave a comment with your email.
If you feel inspired, please donate to the cause, or share the link on your twitter, Facebook, wherever to get the word out even more 🙂
(If you do share the site, leave an additional comment for an extra chance to win)
I know this full moon has got my cycle messed up, how about yours? 😉
Happy menstruating, ladies.
**One winner will be drawn, next wednesday at 9pm. Package will be sent in late spring, once filming has been completed. Bracelets, if you’d like, can be sent out before Christmas 😉
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  1. I am absolutely obsessed with documentaries too. I recently enjoyed The Bitter Pill, about America's healthcare crisis. This documentary sounds AMAZING though! I love that they are trying to change the way girls and society as a whole see their bodies. Turning something perceived as negative and embarrassing into something beautiful. Wonderful.

    xo bhrett

  2. This sounds great! As a teacher it would be a non-cheesy way to help girls understand those teenage changes.

  3. Sounds great! As a teacher this would be something non-cheesy to help girls understand those teenage changes.

  4. I love this, Drea! I spent my entire adolescence ashamed about and uncomfortable with my period. Even though my mom and I are super close, we never really talked about it. It just kind of happened, and we discussed it a bit, she got me some pads, and that was that. I love that this film is celebrating the experience and showing young girls that it is nothing to be ashamed about. And I love what your mom did for you! I hope to be that way if I have a daughter in the future. Thanks so much for sharing.