Little M and I missed out on the Halloween this year. Sort of. I mean, she enjoyed more (homemade) cookies than usual, and was able to decorate a few pumpkins (a few days earlier), but she still has yet to dress up and experience full on trick or treating. The night before Halloween was a rough one. Marlowe woke up every so often crying of “bubbles” (boogers in her nose). She was a miserable little thing, it was awful. She seemed okay, but not great, the next morning. Definitely in no condition to head to daycare though. We stayed in, and I crossed my fingers that she would feel better post nap time, for trick or treating fun, but as the day went on, our health declined. Marlowe only wanted to be two things this halloween: “Numbers” or “A PARTY!” I planned to pin felt numbers all over her body, so I could chase her around the whole night, in my (Donald in mathmagic land) safari costume. Even with the sickies, we had a nice quiet evening at home. I put a sign up on the door letting people know we were sickies, and we stayed in. Marlowe had a fair amount of movie time, I made us bean and biscuit stew, and got a few chores done around the house. It wasn’t too bad. Hopefully next year will happen for us. This year, it made no difference to her, but next year, she’ll will be three, and it will definitely be time for trick or treating.
As for my halloween, it was last saturday. Laura and I dressed up, scarfed down a new pasta dish of mine, and headed downtown for an evening of tremendous amounts of fun. We danced for hours and hours (me in the most comfortable platforms) and I woke up with the sorest feet I’ve had in a long time, it was wonderful.
I had a few people come up to me this year and go “weren’t you this already?!” NO. No, I wasn’t. I was Daisy Duck, this year: Donald in Mathmagic Land. Totally different. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of learning about the laws of mathematics from Donald Duck, you can watch it here:


  1. I miss you I miss you I miss you. Wine/complaining via skype asap please. PLEASE. love you.

  2. what a bummer you guys were sick. and oh man i'm so happy you posted about that bean stew! i made that a BUNCH of times last winter, but completely forgot about it! I know what I'm making tonight!

  3. My son Emiliano was sick with boggies also so before it got dark we went for a nice walk and saw some of the trick treaters. I am also looking forward to next year my son will be 3 also so I think he will enjoy it better . I hope Marlow get better soon my son is much better no more boggies and runny nose. I used Dr Hylands meds with are all natural and it seems to help.

    • Yeah, two is a good year to be sick, they really don't know the difference yet. Also, coincidentally enough, I asked Alex to bring cold meds when he came to see Marlowe, and he brought Dr Hylands!

  4. Ok, I've noticed time and time again that when Marlowe eats and creates art she is always clean. How does this happen? Does she every make a mess while eating or creating art? I have a nineteen month old who loves making a mess. I have to steam clean the floors and give her a bath after most meals. It becoming pretty exhausting. Please, if you have a secret, let me in on it! 🙂 Looks like you guys had fun!

    • I think it's just how she is. Like, some kids are super loud and some are super shy. Some are really laid back, and some are crazy towns. Marlowe is just a dainty little girl. Also, the only person who I know that is more obsessively clean (about life and food), is Alex. We've both made it a super big point to always put an emphasis on cleanliness, eating… and clean eating 🙂