We’re actually sick over here on this side of the screen… It’s not even 10 am and she is asking for a nap in mamas bed. So here we are, happily snuggled and cuddled, in my bed. And really, as much as my throat is aching, I’m truly enjoying these sick days with my little one. These sick days are a wonderful excuse to take on as little responsibilities as I want…. and it’s days where she doesn’t have to go to daycare, so we can spend the whole day doing whatever sick activities we please… which usually includes: lots of choo choo’s, books, movies, snuggles, and cookie making. It’s been not so surprisingly wonderful. 
She really makes me melt sometimes. She is so kindhearted, sweet, and such a ham. It’s been a fair amount of time since I wrote about her not talking… well now, she’s def. a talker, a sweet talker. Throughout the day I hear “Thanks mama!” “I share!” “Thank you!” “Pease!” “Jerry hug!” “No, thank you!” “Help mama!” “Fix boo boo!” “Give mama kiss?” How does one not smile with things like that? There are a lot of things I want Marlowe to be in life… kind, positive, tactful, open, honest, happy, considerate, polite, so on and so on. So far, so good. Especially now that Marlowe is getting to an age where reasoning… is reasonable. She’s not just some crazy train on the loose anymore. She understands things, learns things, and sticks to things that are enforced. She’s definitely at a stage where things are very possessive for her. “My chair” “mama’s purse” “mama’s keys” “my chips”… and it’s definitely silly to see all the things she wants to claim are mine, hers, jerry’s, or whoever’… especially things like messes: “papa’s mess” (from the time my dad tried to repair my closet) You make one tiny mess, and that’s it, that spot is your dirty spot for weeks to come. Now when she claims things like: “my chips!”, I tell her “no, they are everyones chips, Marlowe. They belong to everyone, can you share?”… well sometimes she gives me a hesitant side eye, questioning, if she really wants to share, but for the most part I get an animated two year old response: “Yes! I share. Mama chip?” and so on… 
Somethings I have found, come second nature to me when it comes to mothering, other’s not so much. Counting and abc’s…. we learned those right away. Colors came soon after. Shapes? Whoops… I forgot about shapes until daycare reminded me she doesn’t know any. Heh. Manners have always been well enforced, not just here, in this home, but with Alex too. He may actually be (slightly) more anal than me when it comes to it. It’s helpful. In the time we spend together, it’s very obvious that we both have the same wants and goals for her. I’ve been asked before, does Marlowe always do things so neatly? Does she not storm and make a mess? Well, I mean, she’s a toddler, there are messes and many accidents, but for the most part, it’s been in her nature to be tidy. It’s no secret that I’m a neat freak… but really, the only person I know that is more cleanly than me, is Alex. She’s got that cleanliness in her too. When handed water, she says “thanks mama!” and drinks it. If she spills it… she proclaims “Oh no, mess!” and she runs for a towel to clean it up. I laughed when Alex and I were together during meal time. He would wipe her face constantly… and every few bites, she would become a mess again. Once she got to a certain age, I would just leave the towel with her, and ask her to do it every so often. Now, she just does it. She’s never thrown a bowl, or a spoon, and only plays with her food when she hits the point of complete boredom. We read one book, we put it away. We play with one activity, we put it away… usually (we have lazy days too sometimes). It’s always been that way. Everything just seems so structured with her. She’s got a bit of me in her, a bit of him in her, and this extra spark that’s all her own, that neither him or I could ever give to her. It’s a child-like joy that I cherish so much. She makes me giggle to no end, constantly. Whoever called this stage “the terrible twos”, was a negative nancy with this unfavorable alliteration, because this stage isn’t terrible at all, it’s tremendously terrific. It’s my favorite. The baby stage, I could take it or leave it, but this one? I want it to stay forever. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t hurt others, and it brings me to joy to know that malice is never a word you could use with her. I never want that positive strength and personality to become jaded. And you better believe, I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure she continues growing that way. For now, her world is the zoo, delicious food, fun little friends, and big friends too, her mom, her dog, her dad, and sharing the good. She can stay my happy, jumping, loving, and polite two year old for as long as she wants, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


  1. what a sweet sweet girl. I love that last photo – the eye lashes kill me

  2. aw that reminds me of my little bella, who is two with a birthday coming up in may. She is so much like your little girl.

  3. What a cute little kitchen helper 🙂

    Random sidenote: I would totally LOVE if you did a post sometime about how to pick ripe/good fruits and vegetables at the store. Maybe I just overthink the whole thing, but I seriously struggle with this. I can cook fairly well, but am newly doing it on my own whereas before, I still cooked but my parents did the shopping. You are a total produce pro, and I would LOVE some tips from you. Just a thought 🙂

  4. I'm so glad you re-posted the Small Talk link. I've been worried about my daughter 1.5 years who isn't saying much – mainly thanks to a recent family visit who voiced concerns. I feel so much more at ease and also think that my Pippa (like your Marlowe) is perhaps part of the crystal children group. She is spot on with so many of those characteristics!

  5. Drea, I love that you messy bun her hair like I do my little girl! I think they are adorable that way.
    We have also been sickly here so we watch movies like charlottes web and we laid in bed and made tents and drink tea with toast. We napped for a short time today, but i think that was a mistake for me, as I woke up with a splitting headache. Evie kept kissing my forehead trying to make the pain go away. I love two year olds!

  6. Lovely post! As I was reading it I was thinking of my first child, who is now 10. The way you described Marlowe here is close in description to my first baby. He was amazing (not that my second isn't), easy going, kind, gentle, loving. My second one (which came 9 years after my first) is the exact opposite. If she doesn't throw a bowl at meal time we are shocked. She pulls all the books out of the bookcase and then moves on to destroy something else. eeekk..this is exhausting. we are doing our best to turn this around. Slowly but surely. Drea,you are doing a wonderful job with your little Marlowe. Keep it up! xoxo

    • Haha. Maybe that will be my story one day. Another kid 8 years from now… that only ever wants to make a mess.

      Thanks dear 🙂

  7. We're headed to one over here and for a little while I was really sad to leave 'baby' behind but you and Marlowe are helping me look forward to toddler a little bit more.

    • I'm slightly biased since I've never ever been a baby person… but seriously little kid life is so much fun.

  8. I think people call it the terrible 2's to prepare you for the tortuous three's! But really it is all in how you, as the parent handle it. They are growing little individuals so there will always be rough spots but man are they amazing little beings. Marlowe sounds just lovely. 🙂

    • you should see her hair when it's down and wet. It's more than half way down her back! It's crazy!

  9. What a sweet post and such a nice way of looking at '2'! I actually have found 3 to be harder than 2…"trying threes"? I totally get wanting to savor this time in your little one's life…my own 2-yo is pretty close to 3, he's my last baby, and I get so bummed sometimes thinking I'll never get to experience this phase again with another little one of my own. Your own 2-yo sounds just wonderful…glad you're enjoying and loving all that she has to offer at this age! 🙂

    • I can see how three might be harder. I have my fingers crossed that it won't be though 🙂