It’s been a while since I’ve done a sponsor call over here… (I think)… well, it feels that way anyway. But, again, it’s party time. If you’d like to sponsor ohdeardrea, please do email me. It’s a really, great time, winter season always is 😉  We’re wrapping up the year with a bang. I am determined to have this house up and running, a home tour (with befores and afters. eek), my first ever house warming party (this is probably only important to me), that magical thing called the holidays will be happening… along with all the extra day to day things I’m catching up on… stories of online dating, Marlowe in daycare, crafting a new shop, creating, eating, and continuing to share and over-share the 9% of life that pops up on the blog world. There is already a pretty great sponsor line up for next month, so if you’re looking to sit side by side with some other great shops and blogs during this wonderful december season, do it, before it’s too late! 😉 Huzzah!