(photo by Jessica Lorren on our spur of the moment beach day. follow her on instagram: @jessicalorren)

These posts are recurrent. Grateful, grateful, grateful. What’s the difference between thankful and grateful? Not much, I’m sure. For me, it’s just another word for the same feeling that I find so hard to describe, to show, and to relate. Not just here, on this type-pad, but everywhere. “Thank you” is never enough, I feel that. A hug? A meal out? A small gift? None of it can ever show the people surrounding me how much they mean to me. (I think about it constantly). From the biggest help in the world (everything my family has done for me) to the friend who allows me do my laundry at their place, helps hang shelves on my wall, buys me that two dollar round of beer at the bar (cheers friends), or for those who just sit with me to pass the time…. none of them will ever (fully) know how important they are to me. Even here, the small interaction time through emails… the “thank you for blogging” emails, the sweet notes of positivity and grace I receive, the sweet gifts sent for no reason at all.. those things, I am thankful for. The thankfulness I feel, it must be written here, a thousand times, but no “thank you” is ever enough. My family, their love for me? It’s unconditional and inspiring. Their kindness is never-ending. And for that, I feel gratitude. Thank you. My friends: you are my companions, my comfort, my joy, my dance partners, another reason to cheers to, and my support that chooses to be part of my life. Thank you. And everyone else who enters my life? Even if for just one shared word or one second. That second, that one interaction… it gives me more life, one more moment to appreciate, to giggle about, to second guess (in a positive way), and to embrace. Thank you.

It’s Thanksgiving, and just like last year, and just like every single day that I walk this earth: I am thankful. I am not perfect, but every single thing that surrounds me, makes my life unsurpassable.
(Thank you.)


  1. Beautiful post. We don't have thanksgiving in our country and it seems like a beautiful day. Nonetheless, i'm thankful for my family :))

  2. This is a lovely post Drea. I wish we had Thanksgiving here in Australia, but we don't have anything like it

  3. love this post and love that we met. here's to getting to know each other more as time goes on.
    happy (non)turkey day my dear! i'll be thinking of you as i bake my vegan pumpkin pies with vegan whipped cream.

  4. This is a beautiful post Drea. I know exactly what you mean, thank you never feels like enough. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • Happy thanksgiving wine-o. Hopefully we can play this weekend, if not, then the weekend after, if not, iI'm not happy. (I know it was my fault the last two planned events, I'm a jerk). Muah.

  5. This post had me tearing up. I feel the same way sometimes. How do I let those in my life know just how much they've helped me? Maybe I feel it more due to having such a rough battle with mental illness and those people put up with more shit than they should have to, but I feel like "thank you" is never enough. These people have literally saved my life and kept me from suicide… how do you express your gratitude for that? I guess by letting them know that for the first time, in a long time, I'm happy to be alive. (Sorry for posting something this heavy in your comments; it just sort of came out.)

    I hope you and M have a fantastic day together.

    • Hey, heavy is okay! I really do understand where you're coming from. I had years of depression in college, and for a short while after… and so many friends and family members stuck through my side through all of it. Like you said, the best way to show them your gratitude is to show them: you're happy. Also, it helps me to know that I'm there for any of those friends… no matter how many years go by, they can call me at three in the morning, and I answer and run to their side, because they've probably done it for me at one point. And while most of them save their phone calls for daytime, three am is okay too 🙂 I'm happy you're here, I'm happy you commented, and I'm happy you're happy. Happy Thanksgiving Abby.