Moving a giant trike is no easy task. It’s large, in charge, and incredibly heavy. A few weeks ago my friend, Mikey (Mike, if you haven’t known him forever) and I went on a bike (trike) ride. He suggested we bike to the new house so he could see it. I said that was crazy talk, because I could never make it that far. He pointed out, I was more than half way there. Well, what do you know, all my working out has made pedal work that much easier. So, a few weeks later, I agreed, we would ride the bikes (ahem, the incredibly heavy trike) to my new house. It would be one less load on a car, it would be a work-out, and like our other work-out adventures, it would be a lot of fun. We brought paper cups, stopped for wine, and made the 5+ mile journey to my new house. We stopped halfway, (probably for the last time) at our favorite wall, one where we’ve taken other bike photos before. I’m sad that wall won’t be there for us much longer, the empty house appears to no longer have a for sale sign. But… I guess it’s more reason for the great trike expedition to continue 🙂 Fixing up the old trike, hitting the late night road, finding better spots, and taking many more camera-bringing adventures on our bikes. 


    • I've never even heard of her…. I looked her up, and that is quite the compliment! Thank you!

  1. Can we be friends?! I need more friends that are up for nightly bike/trike adventures!

  2. Miss Drea, you're gorgeous as can be (as always).. and I do likey that Mikey. What a bearded cutie.

  3. I'm so glad there are other people who drink wine and ride bike for fun.

    • I normally don't! It used to give me heartburn, but I was convinced on that night.

    • It was actually a gift I got maybe 5 or so years ago. Found in the window of a pawn shop 🙂