Olive oil, garlic, and a smokey eggplant spread.
(My brother overcooked the eggplant, so I whipped up this thing)
(I smelled like garlic for days)

Soooo… I decided today that I’m having a small housewarming party on thursday. I’ve never really thrown a party other than for Marlowe (her first and last-minute second party)…. oh, and I guess my (babies, beer, bikini) baby-shower too. Suggestions? Themes? Games? I’m scared.


  1. How about asking your guests to write little notes on the blackboard wall you have or have a contest of 'who will count the … (elephant, bird figures, windows, etc. etc.) the quickest' or have a game of guest drawing a fun map of your apartment or ask them to choose one item and give it a new place or purpose and reward the funniest/craziest ideas. Have fun and share the fun!!! x


  2. don't be scared! just have fun!! i love hosting parties. i never really have games, i like them guess it's just never me to play them though. but i always have good food, good drinks and good music! you can always set out games on the coffee table so they are there if you guys need or want them.

    another thing we did once which was fun was have a vinyl party. everyone brough their favorite records and we made the night about music.

  3. You should have a TOAST party. Food would be things on toast (that's easy) and people could make a small toast as a blessing to your new house.
    Decorations could be around bakery's and bread.
    That would so Drea..I mean…you brought a loaf with yoU! from Holidays…who does that? 😉

    • Toast is always a standard at our gatherings 🙂 I will one day absolutely have to have a bakery decorations party!

  4. Can I just say that things on toast is my absolutely my favorite thing on your blog! I get so excited when I see that you have posted something on toast! I am an avid thing on toast eater and have been since my teen years. So YAY toast!

  5. The roof is on fire party
    Tin roof party
    She's a brick house party
    Life in a glass house (radiohead) party

    Go with something totally random like a Charlie chaplain themed party or capture the flag (two teams running around and inside your house to capture opposing teams flag) or a food themed party (everybody bring a dish made with kale, for example) or disco dance party, or prom theme (taking prom pics on your gazebo)

    • Lol, you seem a million times better than me at theme parties. I'm lost!