Every so often I think about writing a post about how lucky I am to have the friends I have. I’ve moved a lot since I graduated from high school (Massachusetts to Rhode Island, to Arizona, to West Palm Florida, to Miami, and back to West Palm). I met a lot of amazing people in each place I lived, and I’ve kept in touch (mostly through Facebook) with many of them. As time changes, and we enter into different stages in our lives, we often find ourselves with new and changing friends, and a few really good ones we’ve kept along the way. I have a good balance of long time and new friends in my life, for who I am all so completely grateful for. In this past year alone, I’ve been lucky enough to meet not just a handful, but many, many people I care so deeply about. Some are still near, and some, like I have so many times before, have moved away.
This past thursday was wonderful. I’ve never thrown a house warming party, or any party for myself really. In fact, in college, more times than not, I left my house when my roommates decided a party must be had. I would spend too much time worrying, anxious, and cleaning up after everyone. It was easier for me to just leave. But now? The idea of a small party with friends, in a home I love, just seems so perfectly perfect, even when there is a few hours of rain outside. A small group of friends (many of them shown here) and I would try to gather often, but since this summer passed, and the heart of our group moved away, it’s been somewhat lacking. But I’m hoping, with a tiny bit of planning, and a lot of love, that things like this can become a bi-weekly thing, once again… but now, in my home. It’s too much fun (for M and I both) to not welcome guests in our home, as often as we can… especially when all our guests are oh so completely wonderful.
more photos behind the cut….

the power one baby has to mesmerize three little girls (and a dog too)
all my friends seem tall….
Ask M who came to the party. The answer is: “A BABY!”
Also, you can’t tell, but Coral loved M just as much as continued to try to suck on her face.
Marlowe now demands we dance every time I put on music.
Two days ago: “water on table. water on table! mama dance!”
First to come and last to leave 🙂

Thank you friends for warming my home and my heart. Come back (really) soon.


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Happy new week, everyone 🙂


  1. your house looks amazingly warm and homey! what camera did you use to take the pictures?

    lovely blog. x

    • My brother took most of the pictures (pretty much the good ones of the bunch) I'm not sure what he uses. He has a handful of cameras. It's probably something expensive though 😐 I just have a cannon point and shoot that started dying in the first 30 minutes 😉

  2. Your friends do look tall! Haha! I love the copious amounts and varieties of wine, by the way 😉

    The home looks beautifully warm, indeed. 🙂 xo

    ~ Alisha

    • I think they are tall…. all at least a foot taller than me.


  3. this looks like heaven! it's not easy to keep up relationships, but oh so worth it when you do. the house looks great!

  4. There's nothing quite like entertaining a bunch of happy smiling faces and knowing that you are the reason they are gathered 🙂 I love to bask in the glow of my friend's laughter.

  5. Okay. Those pictures of the girls and the dog staring at the baby and the girls hugging on the baby… good Lord, those are so great! Being a mother of a 4 year old daughter myself, I can just hear all the little girls in the room going nuts over that sweet baby. Cracks me up!