It’s a really wonderful thing when you meet a friend who has a daughter thats just the right age for your daughter… or a tad bit older so you get garbage bags filled with hand-me-downs πŸ˜‰  But it’s not as wonderful when they live an hour away…. but luckily, it makes it just that much more wonderful when they come to visit. I find myself skipping out posting pictures and words about so many events these days… but two weekends ago, we had a great weekend… just like we do with any weekend that includes Claudia and her family of three. Sunday afternoon we sipped on wine (the adults, not the kiddos), ordered noodles, and talked about nothing terribly important while the little girls had tickle fights, played music, and pretended to be meowing kitties in their kitty home (the playtent). Our day came to a close when the sun went down, and tired kiddos slowly became tired babies. Like I said yesterday, we love our visitors. Please come back soon, we have a proper table now… and bring more wine. 
You can see more pictures: here, on Claudia’s blog. 
&/or check out one of my favorite posts from Claudia (one of her most recent ones): here 


  1. Oh this looks like such a great time! Love love love every part of it! Thanks for sharing my friend! β™₯

  2. It's time I finally came clean on my girl crush for you! Such a beautiful home you have, and your photos just ooze love and admiration for your daughter and friends. Thank you for letting us in on all the wonderful that is ohdeardrea. Hugs, sweet girl!

  3. aw, thanks boobs. we love you too! and you know we don't care about sitting on the floor and yes, next time we will bring more wine.

    love the top pic of the kitties napping

  4. I love your home, it's such a "family zone." There's something for everyone and it looks like such a happy space. LOVE the tent!