Hello friends! Tis the day before Christmas eve! And it is actually quite chilly here in Florida! It’s almost a Christmas miracle! It’s also past 10 pm and Marlowe is refusing to go to sleep. Meeehh. But maybe that means a late sleep in day for this mama? Well, us moms know it doesn’t really work that way, but fingers crossed. Before I crawl into my warm and snuggly bed, I’ll leave you with a bunch of fun links from our wonderful large sponsors this month. Be sure to check them out! Happy Holidays!

The prettiest family blog, run by the sweetest Ashley. I love it all, but I especially enjoy all her bits and pieces and an oldie, hooper’s room tour. She makes me want to head back west. 
There is a lot of me that is upset that we stopped cloth diapering this summer, for multiple reasons. And then to find completely amazing cloth diapers covers, like the ones at Barrel and Heap, I die. I want all of them. No babies here (only big girls in this house), but the bibs are cool. And we’ll totally lay on all the pillows too. 
You know the ever wonderful chalkboard walls that everyone seems to have these days? Want one in different colors? Quiet Home Paints can make a special tin, just for you and yours, in just about any color your heart could ever desire. And best of all? It’s completely safe, non toxic, free of odors and VOCS, so you won’t be harming your family and pets will all the nasty chemicals. It’s house decorating winning, to the max. Also, check out the Quiet Home Paints blog for tons of home inspiration! I painted my dresser this color, and I’m in love. So bright, so cheery. 
I say it every month, but I love Devon. Everything about this blog is just so carefree and fun. It’s good inspiration, when you want to bring a bit of relaxed brightness to your life. Take me back to San Francisco
From Under His Feathers. While I don’t think Brooke and I have a ton of things in common, I do like her, and her blog a lot. There is just something about Brooke, that is so incredibly intriguing. She’s got an old soul. Old souls are hard to come by, but always, always good. 
Ps. Brooke’s vintage shop!
Ms. LaTonya’s life blog, with her artist-type husband, sweet little River Mae, a love for thrifting, and a mouth that will talk any ear off. She’s good people and her blog is a good blog. 
PS. Her shop.
One of my favorite things about blogs is looking into the lives of people who are sometimes so very different from us. Desiree was a young mom, at the early age of 15 years old! I could never imagine, I give her so much credit. She’s got a beautiful life, with a vegan family and overall consciousness that we should all strive to have 🙂 
Mitali’s life with her beautiful “patchwork” family. Real people, real thoughts, and a big touch of sweetness can be found in this blog.
Heather doesn’t really blog a whole ton… but she does have just the right amount of crunchiness and info to intrigue most mamas. You know, extended breast-feeding, montessori pre-schooling, co-sleeping, natural remedies, the whole shebang 🙂 

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