It’s no secret that we tend to fill our playtime with non plastic, battery-less toys (you’ve seen that in Marlowe’s room tour). Her toys are mostly wooden, natural, and learning or activity based. Sure, a few other things sneak their way in here around Christmas or birthday time, but you know, that happens (&usually those toys go the whole year without ever getting batteries. Whoops, sorry friends and family :/ ) I’ve found a few shops throughout M’s life where I can find some really neat and amazing gifts, but now, Momula, will be one on the top of our list. Since the day this animal train puzzle has arrived in our house, Marlowe has not stopped playing with it. Even with the splurge of Christmas toys she received, her “animal train!” is still on the “must play with every single night” list. She’s still a little bit too young (or stubborn maybe?) to want to match the patterns, but oh man she still loves it. And we’re still learning with colors and counting too 🙂 
If you’ve got a little one of your own or are in need of any kind of gift for a little one, Momula is seriously awesome.  (No, seriously… awesome). Their art section is swoon worthy for any creative type. They’ve got a pretty amazing spread of play kitchenspuppetry spaces, the hugest ever selection of blocks  (“build pyramid!”, according to M), and the best ever selection of toys for kids, toddlers, and babies, of all ages. 
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Also: Marlowe the other day “FRIENDS!” I look over and all the lions are sitting side by side. She’s too cute, imaginative, and fun these days.


  1. we're so much alike mama. i'm the same way with wooden, natural and learning or activity based toys. i get the crazy eye sometimes, but growing up with a montessori mama (and being teacher assistant myself – hoping to open my own class/school) it's just what i know. ha. i need to make this purchase for ronin. thanks so much for this great post. 🙂 xo.