It’s been quite a while since little M and I have the left the house. With the nasty flu, colds, strep, and whatever else has been floating around, and with her in daycare, we always seem to catch a little bit of everything. But finally, with a beautiful day, and wednesdays being my sundays, it seemed like a good opportunity to introduce Marlowe to an extra dose of south florida americana. I can’t say I remember going to the fair, but I’m certain my dad must have taken me at least once before… right dad? Either way, this thing is huge, like massive… not your typical roadside pop up fair. It’s always about doing it bigger and better, right? The kiddie section alone, is the size of every other fair I’ve ever been to. Why have one ferris wheel, when you can have two full size ferris wheels? An agriplex for farming? Sure. (I have a stack of flyers and business cards for rare tropical fruit farms and tree purchases! Yippie fruit trees!) A maternity station for pregnant cows? Yeah, that got that too (we missed the birth of a baby cow by minutes). Want to buy chickens for your farm? Yeah, they sell those there. Donut burger? Sure, let’s all slowly die together. The fair was quite an experience… and not something I thought I would  be experiencing anytime soon, or ever, but when someone says “hey I have free tickets to the fair, lets take the kid!” you say “sure, it’s nice out, why not?”
I just wish M could have been two inches taller. There wasn’t even one ride she was big enough to go on, not even in the whole kiddie section. She did play some games, ate some fries, and stared up, endlessly, at the possibility of height. She was awestruck. We called it a pretty fair day once the sun went down.


    • I posted it a few posts back… and it's in my FAQ section. It's a canon, one of the point and shoot ones, I don't even remember the name off the top of my head, I'm def. not a photographer! 🙂

  1. did you guys ride the ski lift? can you say scary!!
    I think we spent most of our visit to the fair at the petting farm.
    beautiful pictures! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! They should be developed and framed up, they're really beautiful. 🙂

  3. A maternity section!? That's insane. I think I might freak out a little in such a big fair. BUT the ferris wheel shots? They never get old. I love them. Especially that last shot.

  4. Stunning pictures! I love the one of you and M in front of the Maternity sign!

  5. So much fun!

    Hey also, I thought you might be interested. I'm starting a yoga challenge on Monday and getting a little online community together who are going to do it with me. (the outlined weekly poses in Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar). Though you don't need the book because I will post pics of all the poses. There will also be a Facebook page to share questions. I'd love if you would join us. (for some reason my iPad is being difficult and won't let me give you the direct link to the light on yoga challenge).

  6. I just found your blog today. Such a fun colourful place Marlowe is beautiful and your food looks delicious

  7. Looks great! Poor M, but I'm sure by next year she'll be tall enough! 🙂

  8. Looks like a pretty interesting fair! Not too commercialized, like ours is with its $2.00 tickets PER RIDE!

    Oh and once during a trip to UC Davis I saw a baby cow be born. It was intense. They used chains to get the little guy out. Everybody was fine though!

    • oh no, don't be fooled, it's wicked commercialized. I paid 7$ for a bottle water and the smallest cup of fries.

      I was super weary about all the livestock areas… it's hard, because I know farming (and tourism, obviously) is one of the things most important for keeping Florida afloat… but it was cool to see a fresh baby cow, being taken care of by one of the farm hands and whatnot. Totally would have loved to see the birth.

    • dude, I think this weekend is the last weekend (its two to three weeks long) but it's def worth the trip, I think it's only 15$ to get in (for adults), free for lily… and then rides are an extra fee. I don't go on rides, so if you want it, I have an extra free ride voucher for free all day rides 🙂 Lily should be tall enough too (36 inches ++). And of course, you can stop here for some downtime… you'll need it. The fair is exhausting 🙂

    • awesome! let me consult with Will but it would have to be saturday. we could bring your boots and some Lily stuff i have for M. will let you know. xo