Marlowe and I had the great pleasure of meeting Robyn Pope recently. She stopped by our home for a quick visit, asked a few questions, and took a few mental notes and measurements of our yard. A few days later, the most beautiful package came in the mail: our garden box! Robyn and I had been chatting for quite some time about a future garden box for my home, well now that we actually have a permanent space, our box is here! Inside came a handful of lovely items from nature, tons of seed packets, a few printed instruction manuals, and the most beautifully designed landscape plan for our yard. I’m a bit intimidated by it all, since I’ve only done potted gardening in my past homes, but it will truly be exciting to turn this backyard into our dream garden and playspace. I made so much progress on our yard in the first two weeks of living here, but now the space has been a bit unused… unless you count the one fire we had, the clothesline outside for drying delicates, or sitting on the steps to eat popsicles and blow bubbles 😉 I’m looking forward to giving myself a few moments to breathe in this thick South Florida air, whilst tackling the shrubs and dirt.
Florida dream yard, you will be mine.


  1. Oooh! I rarely comment here, but I'm always coming back. I'm so excited to see this new chapter of your life. Starting a garden was such a beautiful growing experience for me. It's so rewarding.

    ps. I have the same blanket! It's so purdy. 🙂

  2. That box is incredible! One day, I too, will have a little plot of land for growing things. For now, it is the concrete jungle that is Korea. ^^

  3. That's so excited! I have missed gardening so much…there's nothing better than cutting some herbs and veggies and directly adding them to your meal! Marlowe's gonna love it, too!

  4. If there is anything i'd want to receive in tomorrows post it would be this! I can tell you are going to have so much fun creating your dream garden 🙂 x

  5. That is amazing! I'm newer to gardening, but have fallen head over heels. The box and design are beautiful. Happy gardening!