drawing “happy faces”
Brunccccchhh daaaaay, I love you forever.
This idea came up last week, “let’s try to do breakfast at least once a week” and my first thought was “……but I don’t like breakfast?” So what happens when you don’t like early eating, but want to plan special breakfast meal? You call it brunch. Breakfast in general is one of the harder vegan meals to throw together, but also, I just don’t like the idea of pancakes and french toast in my stomach, it’s too much sugar for me to start a productive morning (I’d happily eat it for dessert though!). But things like breakfast tacos? Yeah, you’ve won my brunch heart with those. Maybe about once a week or so we’ve been putting together a little breakfast/brunch/really early lunch in this nice little home of mine. It’s been a cheery and delicious activity, that I’ve enjoyed very much.
on the (vegan) menu: 
orange, passionfruit, (frozen) lulu juice.
taco toppers (avocado, lime, cilantro, green onion)
also: scrambled eggs. (it was a quicker brunch than our mexican brunch.)
ps. this is totally separate from my biggest love of all: things on toast, even though they sometimes become intertwined 😉 but I love to see the #thingsontoast love spreading and hope you’ll enjoy the occasional brunchday post, while (hopefully) being introduced to a few extra ideas to win over the brunch lover (vegan or not) in your life!  #thingsontoast and #bunchday in my belly, for life 😉
also: our first breakfast (brunch in this home)


    • It doesn't make sense to me to start your morning off with sugar, you're going to feel so sluggish (anytime you have sugar) so savory party all the way!

  1. yummy! your food always looks so delicious! btw your daughter has pretty eyes. 🙂

  2. Looks amazing! I'm a big fan of non breakfast things for breakfast. It's probably my least favourite meal of the day so it's nice to turn it into something exciting!

    • yes, I alway shave toast (with things on it) or leftovers, never real breakfast food.

  3. Hey maybe you should make a "things on toast" cookbook!!! I know it's not cooking per se but it's fun and cute and unique. Just food for thought!

  4. Looks delicious, i have to try this to 🙂 My daughter will love this! Thanks for sharing it's always nice to have new healthy recipes/ ideas.
    Take care

  5. this looks delicious. and now I hate how small towns in central WI don't have all these fixins…fresh. dumb.

  6. Great new series! I'm not a fan of pancakes or French toast for breakfast either. It has to be something I can put hot sauce on.

    • Someone googled "badass surfer chick" and found my blog… I think they were looking for you. And yes, hot sauce. Even M is asking for hot sauce these days.

    • me too… all tacos really. I prefer flour tortillas, but there aren't many good options for them here, but theres local/fresh made corn ones down the street, so I put my flour love to the side.

    • I have issues with tortillas too. I can find good ones at Whole Foods but that requires $$ and a special trip. I HATE making my own as it's time and labor intensive, but they taste great. Most of the time I can't bring myself to make them though … it takes that long. 😉