Well friends, my hair is gross. I’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of no shampoo.  What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right? I made the full on vegan/natural switch in beauty products over the last two years, and while I love everything I’ve been using…. something happened with my hair. It stopped responding to washings/conditionings a few weeks ago, when I moved into this new house. I do believe it’s a care of hard water, but I’m really not sure. It was heavy, matted, and felt wet once it dried. I started rinsing my hair with vinegar after conditioning and it seemed to make a huge difference… So, if my hair seems to respond better to apple cider vinegar, than it does with (pretty expensive) really good quality shampoo, then that’s gotta say something. After doing a tiny bit of reading and researching, I’ve decided I’m going to give the No ‘Poo method a try. I mean, what do I have to lose? We’re 4 days into the new year and it’s been about 6 days or so since I washed my hair with real shampoo and conditioner. I’ve washed my hair twice now, with baking soda and vinegar (apple cider), because I’m still hesitant to only use water in the shower. From what I’ve read, it takes a few weeks to a month for hair to normalize, which I guess is a little while, but after 27 years of putting chemicals in my hair, it kind of makes sense for hair to go through a hard detox phase. My resolution is in no way, “no shampoo or conditioner for the whole year!” I just want to take it one day at a time and see what comes of it. Hopefully like mydeodorant switch and my moisturizer switch, I’ll love this natural, chemical free no-product switch too. So far, I feel dirty… and slightly itchy when I think about it and each morning I (already) question how long this switch will last… but hey, like I said, it’s worth a shot, right?

january 4th, 2013. 6 days no shampoo/conditioner. two washes of baking soda/vinegar. 
if any of you would care to join along in this little challenge, I’d love to see your progress and results too! And if any of you are already part of the no ‘poo brigade, I’d absolutely love to know your tips, tricks, and secrets for your no ‘poo-ing success! 

EDIT (1/14/13): I have no idea what happened, but this post what deleted (obviously by me) somehow. I’ve re-posted it, but unfortunately, all the amazing comments with tips and advice, are gone 🙁 


  1. I'm trying no 'pooing with baking soda and acv as part of my goal to clean greener this year. I tried it last spring with bad results, but got sick of my shampoo and spending money so I am trying again. I'm drafting a blog post about it right now. I started the week of Christmas, wash every 2-3 days, went through an icky, oily, tangly, dry, stint but now it's starting to look really promising. I've resolved to do it til the middle of February, and if I still like it then I'll keep going. It's a good lesson in patience, which I totally need. Good luck to you!

  2. You look great with your "all natural shampoo" hair! Love it and the idea behind it. 🙂

  3. I've tried it before but then failed halfway through. I have dry/oily thin hair. it's gotten better over time from using organic hair shampoo & conditioner but a part of me wants to do the no 'poo again! It does help your hair grow faster too.