so much light and love.
after years… finally accepting that flowers are nice, but other things are fun too… like dirt covered rainbow carrots.
after daycare adventures.
uh, yah.
this is me, with my handsome dates. I’m wearing 3 inch platforms.
space by space, minimizing (again).
sometimes you FaceTime your dad at work and he tells your daughter he’s a robot.
A flashback. I don’t really care for babies, but man she was a cute one.
sometimes when you go to plan a wedding, you buy A LOT of pretty jars and vases… and they sit packed away for a really long time… until you move into a new house, you find them, you take them out, you finally put them to use, and they make your home a tiny bit more beautiful.
freshly hand-washed, line dried, delicates.
short days, catching the last bit of sun.

“the duckies like me. they follow me to get ice cream”
sunday morning.
keeping up with resolutions: raw veggies.


  1. Where did you get that sweater she is wearing in the picture where she's climbing the play structure? My daughter's birthday is coming up and I would love to get her that or a one similar!

  2. So much beautiful light! Now that we've had snow I'm over the winter and willing the spring to arrive, and I'm super jealous of your line dried washing! X

  3. I love the way you tie her hair on top of her head! She's a doll. You have an eye for beauty, and I follow your blog because of the ways you capture what's around you.