19 days of no shampoo. #greaseball 
relaxing is hard work. 
(stupid 15 year old decisions // rebel without a cause.)
love facts.
A few pictures from my fairly recent staycation. I wish I could always be on staycation, wouldn’t that be a dream? But for now, I’ll settle for a few quick 22 hour trips a year 🙂
I’m looking forward to putting together a mini guide of some of my favorite south florida (mostly vegan friendly) spots, especially after visiting some newer (now favorite) eateries. I get a lot of emails from vacationers asking for my favorite spots, so I thought it would be fun to throw a little something together 🙂
I also get a lot of questions on the camera I use/editing I do. Most of my photos are from my iPhone (4S), the rest are my brothers older canon powershot. Camera pictures are not edited (though I wish I had a photo editing program to play with) and iPhone pictures are usually filtered through the VSCO app. 


  1. awww well I'm glad I could make you smile!! Maybe I need to try yoga again. I tried it once a long time ago and just couldn't get into it. I think it was mostly because I was just frustrated that I couldn't follow the video very well. Maybe I just picked the wrong one. I'm pretty skinny and eat healthy for the most part, but it's muscle tone I wnt to work on. My butt definitely doesn't look like that! haha So you don't do any sort of cardio? That gives me hope. haha

    Sorry for steering this blog post waaaaaaay off subject. 🙂

  2. How in the world do you get that body? I've been reading your blog for awhile now (first time commenter!)…do you exercise like crazy?? I'm jealous!

    • hahah this made my night! I almost NEVER exercise. I do a yoga video every two to three nights or so (I've posted about it in the past), but thats it for exercise… and really, I only started that back up again a week and a half ago, I stopped for two months or so :/ Other than that, it's a good diet: vegan, no cholesterol, very low sugar, and other than the occasional fried stuff (I love fried potato products), a moderately low saturated fat intake. (I'll never give up pizza or bread. EVER). Also, other than fighting the beer gut battle, I've got decent genes on my side.

      Really though, made me smile on my grumpy night, so thanks!

  3. a really awesome (and free!) editing software is Picasa (google produces it so you know it's good). you can just download it and it works wonderfully! i've been using it for about a year and I love love love it!

  4. gotta love those young tattoos. i finally got one covered up with something else a few years ago.

    you're looking good mama. happy 😉

    • I'd like to get mine covered… but who knows, it'll probably never happen. Too scared now.

  5. Mini staycations are awesome. I'm also looking forward to your mini guide on vegan spots because I myself live in Miami. I recently found out about a few new vegan shops/restaurants (some in Miami, some in Broward) so I'll be trying those out soon, but also looking forward to your recommendations!
    Great blog.