Two year plan. Two year plan. Two year plan. If I could type out the hesitant sputtering noises that are going on in my head right now, I would. This post has been on my mind for months… and months… and months. I’ve been questioned a few times about why I didn’t write more about Hawaii (so many conspiracies going on!), but the truth is: there wasn’t a whole lot that needed to be written. Most things, I was happily (and nervously) keeping to myself (and with Maryam). Mostly, we sat on the couch and discussed our favorite (okay, mostly our least favorite) instagrammers, my dating life, and most importantly: the beginnings of a cookbook. (Insert: more hesitant sputtering noises). I don’t like to jump the gun on making big future plans public, it makes me very nervous of publicized defeat (rejection, failure, so on)… but here goes: on and off for the past year or so, I’ve been slowly (oh so very slowly) working my way to creating a cookbook. You know my “someday plan, turned now plan, turned maybe two years, but maybe not plan” I mentioned last week? That’s this. I want to publish a cookbook. I doubt this is something I can completely accomplish within this year… but I’ve started. I have pages and pages of notes and a plethora of recipes put together. I have ideas, from very small to very big. I have support from some pretty business savvy lady friends. And I have (maybe most importantly) very wishful and endlessly hopeful thinking. I’m just, well… I’m lacking time. BUT I’m hopeful, (fingers crossed, please please please) in the next two years, if I organize, prioritize, and sacrifice a bit, I can have the plant-based (say no thank you to processed crap) family cookbook (for vegans and carnivores alike) that I dream of: written, photographed, published, and available for everyone.

If I fail, I’m failing for no one but myself, I do realize this. But now, if I fail, it’s publicly. Scary, not fun, and unfavorable, for sure. But enough with the negative thoughts… (sputtering noises) I want to publish a cookbook. I want to publish a cookbook. I want to publish a cookbook.  I’m going to hit publish on this thought that I’ve kept in my head for much too long. There’s no turning back. Cookbook or bust.Wish me luck.

ps. I totally found that miniature cookbook in the deepest crevice of my newer vintage couch, the day before I left for Masachusetts and Hawaii this summer. I’d like to think that’s a promising sign of possible success.


  1. So excited for you! I would love to buy your cookbook. Your blog has been inspiring. I hope to make more healthy vegan recipes. I am a vegan, but I have been lazy in cooking lately. Thank you!

  2. This is such wonderful, exciting news! If your Biscuits and Gravy (one of our favorites) is any indication to the caliber of recipes you have in store, I can't wait! I have been vegan for about three years, and vegetarian for 4 years before that. I would LOVE to be a recipe tester! My specialty is vegan baking, and I just completed the baking and pastry program at a local college (very French and traditional, most decidedly NOT vegan, but still good food science information. 🙂 I can't wait to hear more news!

  3. Whenever I want a new recipe to put in my vegan repertoire, I always find myself coming to your blog over any of my cookbooks! So to have all of it in a nice little cookbook is the DREAM!

  4. eeeps. 🙂 super exciting news. i can't wait to buy it. please don't think you have failed if things fall through (which they won't bc you're so amazing). like i tell micah (with his band and everything that's about to happen) we have little people watching us now. in order for our littles to know dreams CAN come true – we need to lead the path and show them. and that mama, is what you're doing. i know we don't know each other very well (in fact at all), but i am proud of you. i too want to publish a book (not a cookbook), but a more personal book. something i will share with my blog, but it's still nerve wracking. good luck. xo.

  5. Ok and me makes 50 sales already judging by the comments above (nevermind all the ones that are also buying for friends!) go for it drea, it will be aces if you do! X

  6. EXCELLENT news! Sign me up! I think you are a wonderful cook and I'd love to have a book of your creations in my home. You got this. I have no doubts.

  7. This sounds like such a good idea! I'd love to have a cookbook that encouraged me to eat more natural foods – consider yourself up another customer.

    And that little cookbook is totally a sign.

  8. Plus, finding that mini cookbook was TOTALLY a sign of good things to come.

  9. Good luck, good luck!!! I've been anticipating this announcement for a long time. I often reference your blog for vegan meals for my 1 year old daughter and myself. Your meal ideas are so delicious. Even my omnivore hubby and 7 year old son rave about the food. I'll definitely buy a copy of your book!!! This is such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you and am confident you can do it in less then two years. Do it!

  10. Please please please do this!!!Right about the time I found your blog we started getting regular CSA box food and you have revolutionized my cooking and my use of that food! So many of your recipes are so user friendly and EASY—- I have to say I got a little sad when you said you were going to re-do some of them and put in actual measurements, because I really really love the way they you describe them and give me the freedom to not measure and just go with either what's on hand or what makes sense. And I have to say — it pretty much always works out. Me or my family have NEVER been disappointed and we have tried most of your recipes over and over again.

    On a side note — today is day 1 of my using your deodorant and it is delicious!!! I used a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender essentials and I have been in heavan! Evan made my hubby smell me on my lunch hour and he was in agreement!!! Thank you so much!!! I hope you have a section on recipes for beauty products, that would ROCK!!!!

  11. Yes, please! I will totally buy it. I am in desperate need of a kiddo-friendly veg-based book – I have NO kid-food creativity! I refer to your blog frequently, but man, a whole book? Now we're talkin' sister. My little H man and I are rooting for you!

  12. good luck!!!! I'll buy it!

    and mini cook book found in new to you couch?!? – – DEFINITELY a sign!

    Go girl!

  13. Oh, please! DO IT! I very much love your recipes! I have a blogger mama friend that just published a slow cooker cook book. You can totally attain this goal! Cheering you on and looking forward to buying!

  14. Oh, please! DO IT! I love your recipes! I have a blogger-mama friend that published a slower cooker cook book recently. You can totally attain this goal! Cheering you on and looking forward to buying!

  15. Oh wow! You should definitely go for it. Just look at how much your blog has grown in just a couple of years….slow and steady wins the race!

  16. Oh wow! You should definitely go for it. Look how much your blog has grown in just a couple of years….slow and steady wins the race, just keep at it!

  17. you are so smart, and funny, and mostimportantly dedicated….so I know that you'll do this! good luck with everything.

  18. How exciting!!!! You will write a great cookbook and will totally buy it and finally get into cooking more! Love, M x

  19. I really hope you do!! I would totally buy it. The food you put on your blog looks amazing.

  20. How exciting!!!! You'll write a great cookbook and I will totally buy it and finally get into cooking more!!! Love, M x

  21. Hooray hooray! Good luck to you, I know you can do it! And I will totally buy it. Thanks for sharing.

    ps – that mini cookbook is awesome, and totally a sign. 🙂

  22. you can do it!!! can't wait for the "things on toast" section. it's scary putting a promise/goal/idea out into the world like this, but i think sometimes it can help fuel you to reach it even more thanks to the accountability. i'm planning on doing that with some gross photos of my house, ha! if i put them up there + pledge to improve, i'm keeping a promise to more than just myself (+ will probably be better at keeping it).

  23. So excited to read about a possible Drea cookbook! I have always loved your recipes and food photographs; they never fail to make my mouth water!

  24. Rachel's brother's ex-girfriend (so, my brother's girlfriend's brother's (now ex-) girlfriend, I guess) had a food blog about her journey of losing weight ( and eventually just got offered a 2 book deal: a memoir and a cookbook. It's definitely not impossible, I think you can do it. Keep doing what you're doing, cooking, blogging and networking and I think it will all fall into place when the time is right. I have faith in you. And let me know if you need an editor 😉
    love you lady,
    <3 katie

  25. Every time I see a Things On Toast post I think, "I wish she had a cookbook!" YAYYYYY!!

  26. yes! you got this girl!! this is a perfect project for you. if you ever want to chat about kickstarter (highly recommend) and some possible ways for funding to print email me. i sit on a board for a nonprofit publishing company and may be able to throw some ideas your way.


    p.s. totally wish i could have been there for those convos with maryam 😉

  27. This is an amazing idea! I absolutely love all the meals you post on here and would definitely buy it. This is such an exciting thing, and don't be discouraged! Wishing you lots of luck! 🙂

    rachelpan xo

  28. Haha that's such a small and cute cookbook! You should go ahead and pursue your dreams! (will your cookbook include your "things on toast" recipes too? Hee.)

  29. Oooo yes, this is too one of my dreams! That & one day owning my own small cafe 🙂 Good luck lady, i know you can do it! Put me on pre-order 😉


  30. This is great! You should definitely do it! And I would definitely buy it!

  31. This is so exciting. I have dreams too, and I totally understand about the time thing. But to say it out loud can only help. I really wish you the very best of luck. I can't wait to hear about your progress. Remember – just one day at a time! You really CAN do this.

  32. GO FOR IT!! It'll be great – set time aside, make time for this, it's your dream, you'll get there for sure. Don't postpone! make it happen. do it, do it do it! ;-))

  33. That is awesome! Such a great goal! Good luck! You can do it! And it'll be great!

  34. I would totally buy your cookbook, I love love cookbooks plus I love love the food you post here, so I can only imagine I would love love love love a cookbook written by you. Best of luck! 🙂

  35. I am not vegan but I've totally cooked multiple recipes fr your blog multiple times and each time the have been incredibly successful with my meat loving man!!! I would buy your cookbook and then buy a bunch more to give as gifts 🙂

  36. You should totally do it! I would buy it. There needs to be "REAL" food cookbooks out there for vegans and I am all for that! I have an unpublished cookbook that that I wrote. It sits on my shelf. I just pick it up and put it down. Some day, I will be able to let it go.
    Be brave, Be brave, Be brave!

  37. DO IT!!! I believe in you. You're fantastic. And I would buy copies of your book and give them to everyone I know!