This working from home thing is coming together quite nicely. At first, I itched to get out… because I trapped myself into a go go go momentum without allowing myself to feel okay in break time, but now, a happy balance is coming together. I still do much of my work late at night, but now, once the little is in bed, I have forced myself to try to do yoga, –again– at least every few days. It’s been a good way to force a break, and feel better after. Due to Marlowe’s final-straw cold, Marlowe missed out on all of last weeks daycare, but I still accomplished a lot– or certainly enough to be content with. This week is her last week, and then in a few short days, I will be working on working, working on making my kid happy all day, and working to find a balance of it all. If everything continues the way it’s been, I think we’ll all be quite content with this new cycle, scheduling, and life. Other than her moodiness in the mornings, I can easily say, we’re all pretty happy on this side of the screen. When my biggest problem lately is my kid’s need to put on and take off socks and shoes all day long… well then, my life is pretty good. 
As for now, I accomplished a lot this week, I finished a big project, and Marlowe only has two more days of daycare left, until she’s in my care full time again… so I’m off. I’m hoping to find an eye-brow threading place to pamper my face, return a pair of leatherette pants that my Colombian ass could never pull off, and I’m looking forward to a midday coffee date. Happy wednesday, friends 🙂 
&&a little video of my little eager helper 😉


  1. Cute photos of your girl! I also balance life with work and looking after our little one. Takes effort but totally worth it! 🙂

    • haha well, 98% of my "dates" are just friend dates… so jeans and a baseball tea was my outfit for the day 😉

      Marlowe, I'm sure, says thank you