Just like every Sunday night, I’m here, on my computer. It’s my end of the weekend/mid week ritual, and it never seems to change, even though I never planned it to be this way. For the past week or so I’ve been spending any free minute, mindlessly (and I mean that in the most enjoyable way) roaming the internet for new places to explore and wander. I’ve discovered a few places that I’ve never heard of (small cities in far away lands) and destinations that one could only dream of seeing one day. It’s been an enjoyable week to window shop the world. I don’t plan on traveling across the globe anytime soon, but a not so far trip (in distance— think an hour an half flight) has been booked for this summer… and I’m starting to count down the days— four months in advance. I don’t think theres a better way to practice patience than to wait for a summer vacation, while still in winter. Ahem “winter” — it’s sticky hot over here. In the mean time, I’m going to keep searching, bookmarking, pinning, and tagging all my one day vacation dreams onto this computer. 
I won’t be having group sponsored posts anymore… not really anyway… maybe just a few random posts here and there, along with the occasional giveaway. I just want to keep a better flow on this scattered, bits and pieces blog, and for now, this seems like a good way to achieve that. That being said, the current sponsors up on the sidebar, are from every where across the world, and I think you should check them out. It’s a little bit magical to so many backgrounds in one tiny, little place— From the UK, to two different blogs in Sydney (one HERE and one HERE), to New York, Romania, and every where in between… amazing. 
Tonight I want to share with you a bit of the east coast and west coast, from here, in the US. 
First: Krystin Turner. Krystin is a FREE Disney vacation planning professional. Yes, FREE. If you check out her blog, you can see, this woman really knows her stuff. Living here in Florida, Disney has never been a more than one day vacation for me. It’s nice to have Disney be close enough to have a one day option, but it would be amazing to have a perfect few day stay— and even better, to have someone that knows so much to actually help you easily plan the whole thing. (^^^ I didn’t even know the resort in the picture above existed, until now. WHAT). I definitely recommend keeping up with Krystin’s Facebook and checking in with her, if Mickey Mouse is in your future. 
Second: One of my few blonde-haired lady crushes, Devon. There are a few things I think of when I think of California: Tartine, wine tours, ginger crops, very large sharks, and Devon. She is the epitome  of a beautiful, blonde, surfer chick. In this land of blogs, it’s nice to catch up on little things and see how people that are sometimes so different from you, live their lives. I’ll never be a california surfer girl, but I very enjoyably live vicariously through Devon’s adventures. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m off to crack open a sparkling water, maybe pour some wine, and de-clothe a layer in this no AC house. Cheers, friends 🙂 


  1. I know what you mean about the anticipation of waiting for a distant holiday. I booked my summer flights in January… a 7 month wait!! and every single day as i sit in this freezing weather i look forward to my future trip in sunny climates 🙂

  2. Most of our winter time is spent waiting for the summer escapades so I know how exciting and nerve-wrecking it is 🙂

    Above all I'm so grateful to be a part of your universe (following, sponsoring, commenting, recently enjoying, having a sneaky peak at your daily adventures…..) and secretly consider you one of my distant (distance-wise 😉 friend. Morning without visiting you girls is like skipping a great experience which is greatly suffered (mostly when I'm at work). And Disney resort is definitely on our list! xx


  3. Wow I would love to travel to these places. Sounds pretty amazing. Sometimes I read blogs and I feel like going to the blogger's place or country too. Haha 🙂