this has become one of the new staples. so easy so good. 
“look mama! I make toast!”
shirt change… and back in bed. 
Our brunch day was a mostly sick one last sunday… it was more of ‘let’s eat breakfast, and quickly get back in bed-day’ We didn’t make the bed, it wasn’t necessary. We didn’t do much… except stare aimlessly at “the tv” (our computers). And enjoy on and off sleep throughout the day. (what else are sick days for?!) It wasn’t all so bad though… it was beautiful outside, the windows were open, with fresh lots of air blowing in (thank you florida), and in the morning… warm soup was made for us (with love), patiently waiting for whenever our hunger would strike again.
This weekend, I look forward to a baby-free (lady) date outside of the house, party planning, work work work, organizing, scheming, taking over the world, cleaning out my closet, and cleaning the damn fish tank (finally), pizza (please let there be pizza), and whatever else…. okay, maybe only some of those things. But I’m looking forward to a good weekend.
ps. you see that bottle up there? Enough is enough. I gave Marlowe the choice yesterday (and today) bottle or diapers. She chose diapers (sigh. so stubborn. move forward, move back, move forward move back). She only gets a bottle (filled with water— “milk is for babies”) at nap time (at home— not at daycare) and at bedtime… so now, bedtime is even more of a chore than its already been. Any tips for relaxing a little (not so little one— I mean, she’s two. COME ON) kiddo into sleep, would be very appreciated. 
Happy weekend and happy february everyone!

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edit:: I should probably mention: we do have a bedtime routine! Same thing every single night… except that it was with bottle before. Dinner time, bubble time, then movie/book reading time…. once 9/930 hits its: potty time, diaper change, pj pants, feed fishy, brush teeth, hugs for jerry, hugs for mama, crib, bottle. Usually after that it’s about one to two “more bottle!” or “new diaper!” or “pee pee in potty!” until she finally falls asleep. 


  1. I am new here and love your blog! I wanted to chime in and say that my 3 year old still will insist on a bottle of water at night! Crazy, she's like a teenager with a bottle. She uses a regular cup all day but it's that comfort thing I guess. I figure, it really can't do much harm…she'll grow out of it.

  2. I like your bedtime routine! I have a 4 week old… We still fly by the seat of our pants but hoping soon to have a schedule!

  3. Your bedding is just the best. Mine is all brown and beige. Now I want to go out and get some bright beatiful bedding!

  4. Have you tried just replacing the nipple of your bottles with the sippy tops? My nearly 3 year old and my 7 month old both use the pura kiki bottles but Nora uses sippy tops and Boyd uses the nipples. I've already started slipping in a sippy top for him once in a while in attempts of transitioning him. Just be firm with the switch cause if you feel iffy about it she will read into that. I know life factory has sippy tops for their bottles but they are the hard plastic type, you might try with your born-free sippy cups instead if she craves the soft chewy kind of top. You are doing great, she is coming up on the age where she will be more independent and with your great routine she should start just assuming bedtime means bedtime. Nora just barely older than her and if she's not sleepy even after her routine she sings herself to sleep because she knows trying to get up for drinks or what not is a fruitless effort.

    • During the day, she doesn't use a bottle… almost always a cup, SOMETIMES a zippy cup. It's only at night… and then with half the bottles we own (the airborne or whatever they're called ones), we have the problem of them spilling and soaking her. I feel like that might be more likely with a zippy cup.. or at least the ones we have. I'll def. look into the ones you mentioned though!

  5. You could try bringing her bedtime forward a bit. I've found that my kids need to be in bed by 7.30 or they get overtired and their energy levels get kinda manic which takes ages to wind down from. We start the bed time routine about 6.30, keep it real simple; bath, dinner and story time and then lights out. They wake earlier (both sleep about 12-13 hours) but them being in bed early means I have a proper evening to do kid-free stuff. I don't have any magic tricks, this is just what works for us. Good luck!

    • As a baby, I could see Marlowe getting over-tired/more manic-y… now, not so much. She's perfectly and content and functioning at 9 o'clock (MOST of the time). I'd like to be able to get M to bed earlier, to accomplish more at night, but I just don't see it happening with out schedule!

  6. i love the color you inject into your life, all around the two of you. lovely. 🙂

  7. Damn! I LOVE your decor. I'm pretty minimalist/conservative vintage, plain Jane, what have you (when it comes to decor), so this just blows my mind and inspires me.

    Also, here's an idea. Read the book 7 o'Clock Bedtime by Inda something or other. It changed my world. My kids are usually asleep by 6:45 (even my almost 7 year old.) I don't know if an earlier than 9 o'clock bedtime would work with your schedule, but it works wonders for natural rhythm. You know that lull that kids (and sometimes adults) naturally go through post 4pm, usually around 6 or 7? Go for it. Even 8, probably, but I wouldn't do it later. That might help the situation? Of course, they'll be up early, but mine are all up with the sun anyhow.

    Marlowe is so lovely. And two isn't too old. 🙂 My youngest and finale is just a few months younger than Marlowe. She's working her way out of diapers (with more hesitation than her brothers had), but she still loves to nurse every morning and night. I'm counting down the weeks until her big girl weaning party…

    • 1. thank you 🙂

      2. It's hard because, I can feel the drift into a sleepier land around 7 or so.. but I just can't imagine functioning throughout my day if she woke up any earlier (she wakes up anywhere between 7 and 8 now). I don't typically go to bed until two, one the earliest… I just have too much to get done to make it happen any earlier, and my body just doesn't allow it.

      3. I guess you're right. I mean, plenty of kids are still nursing around 2, so a bottle with water at bedtime, shouldn't be that bad. I know so many people have conflicting ideas about whats okays and whats not when it comes to bottles or nursing past a certain age… and I don't really have a stand on it all, just whatever works, works… so I guess this works for us right now 🙂 Thanks for making me thinking about that!

  8. Chamomile tea!
    I read once make one concentrated cup of Chamomile tea (so like half the boiling water) and the add it to water in the bottle. Hope that helps.
    You btw are one kick-ass mama.

    • We have chamomile drops I bought for when she was a teething baby… maybe I'll pull those out again 🙂 Thanks!

  9. I know you're going to think this is nuts, but we give my daughter her bath BEFORE dinner (I know – black sheep). It' perks her up enough to get her through dinner and seems to improve her mood but it also mellows her out. I think they get really over stimulated at daycare/preschool and the bath before dinner chills her out and seems to signal to her that bedtime is near. Try it for a week and see if it helps.

  10. I know you're going to think this is nuts, but we give my daughter her bath BEFORE dinner (I know – black sheep). It' perks her up enough to get her through dinner and seems to improve her mood but it also mellows her out. I think they get really over stimulated at daycare/preschool and the bath before dinner chills her out and seems to signal to her that bedtime is near. Try it for a week and see if it helps.

    • I don't think it's nuts at all! On really boring days (I'm not at all calling your days boring!) we sometimes do bath time first… but it also depends the meal to be had.. if it's soup, forget about it. I don't think I've done it consecutively for a week though… I might give it a shot 🙂

  11. I'm a preschool teacher for kids about your girl's age, and one of the things that helps a lot of our kids is a white noise machine or music with a low, constant tone (think yoga music with that constant "om" through the whole thing). It basically drowns out anything else happening that riles them up and works pretty well. You can use the music/noise as a sort of signal–once the music/noise is on, it's time to go to sleep, which means no more requests or getting out of bed!

    • We actually have one… I think for her it's more of a sucking/comfort thing… she also rubs her belly to fall asleep… it's ridiculous… but cute. I'm hoping many in the next few months she'll understand more…

  12. Patterns, fabrics and whole composition of your bedroom is like a picture taken from "1001 Arabian Nights" 🙂 Have a happy weekend. xx

    (Our lovely rain boots have arrived today and for the first time sunny day wasn't an option 😉

  13. If you don't have a bedtime routine, give it a shot!

    My daughter is 28 months old – I think around the same age as yours? We go potty, brush teeth, put pajamas on, read a couple of books, and then it is lights out (with nightlight, of course). We still snuggle in the rocking chair and sing a song or two after the lights go out, but then she gets in bed. Takes about a half hour and works like a charm.

    Good luck!

    • we do! pretty much the same as yours.. every single night. our routine is about half an hour then it takes her another 40 or so til she finally falls asleep!


    • yes! Doesn't every two year old own a laptop?! Nah, it's my old one. After I retired it, my mom had it for a few years, and she just returned it to me… so now it's kind of just the extra old laptop that is really only (sort of) good for movies or something.

    • they were from a small indian import shop down here 🙂 well the top one, the bottom green are urban outfitters about 8 years ago or so. 10$, what a steal!

  14. Our little ones have a cup with water by their bed. If they get thirsty in the night, they can take a sip. Wouldn't she love a real grown up cup by her bed like that?

    I don't know what rituals you are following right now to get her to bed, so it's hard to give tips on what to change. Here we get them into their pyjamas, brush their teeth, sing a song or tell a story and then tuck them in.

    Good luck!

    Oh and your photographs are beautiful and inspiring. As always! xx

    • our routine is very similar. but she has a crib, no bed… but once she can start going to sleep without a bottle… a bed might be brought in.

      thank you!

  15. such beautiful photos – your home looks like a beautiful place to be, even sick.

    my little one will often "read books" in bed until she falls asleep, anything i do with her just kind of riles her up. i keep a little stack of board books within reach of her crib. she may stay up for a bit "reading", but she is happy and puts herself to sleep eventually.

    good luck, and hope you guys are feeling better.

    • yeha, I def have started leaving her with books in there. Last night she threw them out just to have me go back in and get them. She's a stubborn one… so it would be about 4 hours of book reading til she lets herself fall asleep!

  16. i think these are some of my favoritest photos of yours ever. the colours and patterns in your home are fun and happy. hope you both feel better, ready to take over the world this w/e and chuck out those bottles..or diapers! but don't worry too much – it'll happen eventually 😉

    • we get so close! and then regresses! but yes, one day!

      and thank you!

  17. avocado toast is ALWAYS a good idea. have a lovely weekend, mama bear. 🙂


  18. I absolutely love the colors and details of your home. So pretty. Makes a sick day feel fun. Hope you guys are feeling better.

  19. beautiful photos 🙂 even your sick days look pretty! hope you and marlowe have a great weekend!