Marlowe had a sleepover at the grandparents last night, which gave me a mostly lady date night out, followed by late (not so late, but felt incredibly late) dancing (swirling and twirling— I like to be spun), and a morning to sleep in. Without the kiddo, picking up, getting dressed, and heading out of the house is and was much, much easier. The two of us tried a much recommended place and ate way more than we maybe should of… especially since I was meeting some friends for a foodtruck convention in the next hour. #fatkid 
I think we’re going to start alternating pho breakfast and making meals at home from now on. It was just oh so incredibly delicious. Also, I  couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty eating tofu and noodles without Marlowe. She would have been in noodle soup heaven…  but I did bring her some leftovers for dinner 🙂 Next time she’ll join us, pho sho 😉 

Speaking of food, the fat kid in me is going back and forth between posting (a few) vegan scone recipes or setting up a detox week for people to join in, if they’d like. Sugary scones or a new year sugar detox? It’s a tough call. I’m leaning towards the much needed detox…. you know, after the vegan scone party in my belly. Sugar is one hell of a drug.

Soon enough: a south florida vegan/event guide, what marlowe eats, marmite adventures (marlowe was confused by it), and whatever else.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who voted for us in the apartment therapy awards. Ohdeardrea did in fact make it to the final round! Voting ends next week, but honestly, I’ve already celebrated making it this far. It’s winning for me 🙂 Thank you everyone! Your support (with this, and with everything else) means the world to me. So happy to have you here!

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate it!


  1. Like everyone else, detox, detox, deeeeeetox please! 😉
    I almost had pho this weekend because I was interested to try it, but it didn't work out. I want to try it so badly!

  2. Detox please I was just thinking how i need to do one but wasn't sure which one. help a girl out

  3. SCONES! but i would be interested in the detox as well! i've been a long time vegetarian, struggling with giving up the dairy. BUT i've finally done it. 3 weeks fully vegan.. and seriously feeling even better than i did with the dairy still on board (AND my digestive issues have almost completely been eliminated!).
    another random question.. do you take any supplements daily/weekly? i've not come across it in any archive posts ive looked at.. or maybe i just missed it.
    ps that pho looks divine.