For us, ‘Valentines Day’ was wednesday. Time shared in this new and growing space. Cleaning from the early morning, into the (very) late night. Tackling room by room by room— corner by corner. The little touches here and there, really make a difference. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but theres a hidden back room in my house— an addition created for the previous owners workspace: a music recording room. It’s been hectic back there. In moments of “free time”, bursts of energy, and wanting progress, I’ve gone in and ripped down sound proofing, carpeting, wires, and whatever else. And my dad has started helping me with the bigger project at hand: ripping down walls, doors… and a vocal booth too. Yes, a vocal booth. It was an interesting cave. I have dreams of a large and highly functional storage and laundry room. It will all come to life just as soon as my “do-it-yourself” dad comes and tears down the remaining walls 🙂 I digress… our valentines day: we spent the entire morning rearranging the space. A once musical room, has once again been filled with musical equipment, along with art, shoes, old baby clothes, winter wear, and whatever else. It’s packed, but it’s tidy. We breaked for lunch. Put a toddler to nap, and kept moving forward room by room. Hours went by. We breaked for dinner. Take-out, both meals. No time to cook. No messy-ing a kitchen. Bubble time (bath time), books, and bed for the little one. And the two of us continued on our home… for hours. No corner was left undone. I’m one of those types… the one that cleans the cleaning bottles, and wipes down the shampoo bottles, before rearranging them neatly on the bathtub ledge again. I’m making myself sound uptight, but maybe that’s because… when it comes to my home: I am. I really am. One am came, we cleaned ourselves, made last minute valentines (yes, I’m that mom… the uptight-ness doesn’t carry over to the other areas in my life), put on Edith Piaf, opened a gift filled with love and what may come, and poured a much deserved glass of wine. Cheers to our clean space. It was a long day. It was dirty. And it was tiring. But it was sweet, filled with kisses here and there, and romantic in it’s own way. I’m sure I can think of a few different ways to spend a preferred day together, but even still, this made my heart happy. It is love. 

white walls: whisper and cuddle
yellow wall: bee
yellow dresser: buzz
blue wall:  torn skirt


  1. Beautiful photos! Love your house, its so bright and colorful. And ur daughter outfits are adorable!

  2. Drea! Junot is my fave double bottle of wine, I can never find it anywhere any more! Random that I even noticed it.

    I wish I had the eye for decorating like you do. I have a lot of things to put on the walls, but none of the motivation to place them all. Bah! Maybe in the spring??

  3. i love your place, drea. the windows, even the mess, look colorful and fun. and i love the shot of marlowe on the potty in the other room. what a cutie.

  4. well I feel better. I am glad I am not the only all day cleaner and tight corner scrubber, there is out there.
    I also love that you listen to Edith Piaf, one of my all time favorite french singers ever!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. my hub and i spent the whole day in bed. 🙂 i love how you spent yours too! there isn't any true way of doing it, you know. it's about love…love of home, of children, etc.

  6. Your house is looking beautiful; I love all the colours. Cleaning top to toe is such hard work (I am also the crazy cleaner type) but once it's done, how good does it feel? =)

    • it feels so good! But I totally lapsed today with apathy and left dishes in the sink… its mostly driving me crazy.

  7. paris?? yes please!
    i always wipe the shampoo bottles AND the cleaning bottles before putting them away.

  8. i am so in love with all these pictures. probably one of my favorite posts on here! marlowe is so sweet <3

  9. i think it sounds like a great way to spend the day. the two/three of you working on your love nest.
    i see all those paris books. i woke up this morning thinking about how i have yet to see paris. along with italy, greece and so on. and i have been depressed about it all day.

    • I have an aunt in greece. We can visit anytime and stay as long as we'd like… we just need to gather up airfare. you in?

  10. Beautiful pictures!!! Your daughter is adorable! We also stayed home on valentines day with our 19 month old daughter. We like to stay home on that day insted of going to a crowded restaurant and places we prefer to cook something or order take out and enjoy some quiet time. 🙂