morning light.
one morning, I woke up, and made magical and incredibly delicious  (lightly chocolate chipped) vegan scones.
he’s haunting me. this thing just keeps showing up in random places.
why so serious, knee high obsessed little girl?
(if you look closely, I just proved my point.)
she thinks my toe poking through is THE FUNNIEST thing in the world. sure, I guess.
each day, M sets the coffee table for coffee (morning, night, whenever). she is obsessed and is not pleased when she doesn’t get a cup. colombian-cuban problems.
I bought myself flowers. I am the sweetest 😉
sweet care packages.
dream angel.
I’ve been asked a few times to do a post on daycare lunch ideas. This is it: leftovers.
Tada, I am not a bento box artist or a wizard.
an aerial view of where many hours go.
(I have an email list for those waiting on an announcement of a large shop sale, email me if you’d like to join.
that face!


  1. Hi! I'm a new reader and just wanted to tell you how lovely your little space is.
    I'm also a single, vegan mum and love all the positive and honest content you produce on both topics.
    Your little one is very lucky to have such an inspiring and creative role model.
    Erin. 🙂

  2. lovelovelove these posts! i think i mentioned that before. and yes, i see him in the knee-high sock picture! it could be creepier i guess, like a gnome or an elf or something. or clowns. *shudder* ugh.

  3. my toe pokes through my Toms too and the kid I nanny for practically falls over with giggles when he sees it! love your pictures, as always.

    • Mine aren't toms. I got them for about 9 bucks from tjmaxx. but 9 bucks I ever spent. But now… now I'm thinking I need to make the leap and finally get toms. I've gone back and forth since then came out… but I've been wearing this same polka dot pair all year… and soon these holes just won't be walking friendly. A girl randomly came up to me in whole foods telling me I need toms… they didn't have my size in the vegan pair… so I didn't I'm rambling… and I need you to convince me take take the plunge. I'm scared of having buyers remorse like I do with any item of clothing I buy.

    • Toms are great, but in my experience, if you wear them pretty frequently, they last less than a year. I bought a corduroy pair recently and they're holding up better. (as one might imagine…)

      PS I love your living room, the light overhead, the wood…

  4. Aaaawww ur daughter is getting more and more adorable! Love her top-knot and knee-high socks. 🙂

  5. photos from around your home always seem to aways inspire me to enjoy life in my home – thanks for being a mama inspiration!