“you can’t find me!”
sometimes you find your party in an airstream.
hello ladies and gents.
making coat racks. hangin’ hats.
coffee time.
a two minute cold front.
southern style meals.
artist hands
little friends.
one of the most interesting… and dizzy-ing facetime sessions I’ve ever seen.


  1. Great pics! I wish my son would get his hands dirty like your daughter! Don't know if it's a phase (he's 22months) but he's pretty finicky about getting dirty! Go figure! lol!

  2. Love your pictures. Wish my life with my 2-year old wast his colorful. Sadly routines, daycare and mamas schoolwork has taken over. Clearly I need to change that.

    • it's def about finding a balance 🙂 Somedays I feel awful because I hardly spend more than bath time/dinner time/ making diner time with her… but other days, I just do my best to put everything aside and make it only for a few house things and her. We took 2.5 fun days to ourselves this week 🙂