marmite and tomatoes: BLEGH.
marmite and butter: okay, maybe I can do this.
marmite, butter, and fried plantain: yes, this is good.
marmite and marlowe: “you thought I would like this?”
It’s raining raining raining over here. Regardless, I’m a very happy and hungry girl on this valentines day (and I’m off to make myself some *marmite-free* toast), but before I go….
I made the switch to passionfruit ads recently. It totally escaped my mind to mention it, but I’ve enjoyed the ease of it. Here is a valentine treat 🙂 
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Happy Valentines day, friends! 

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  1. As a New Zealander, our Marmite is different from British Marmite- its true. I always make a broth with it or if I am making gravy, put it in there. I also second the avocado comment! Also, thickness of the Marmite is key- too thick renders it completely inedible!

  2. yes marmite and cheese toasted or avocado my fav is butter marmite and lsa (ground linseed sunflower almond) on toast. im an american in new zealand..took me awhile but I love it and miss it…the nz factory wasvdemolished by earthquake and we r still waiting for it to comr back in stores

  3. Haha I grew up on marmite. My daycare lady who was more like my aunt was from new Zealand and her husband is British. I HATED the stuff, but she made our meals and we had to eat it. She put it on toast with butter and we would pretend it was chocolate and eat it as fast as we could. I should try it for my son he's only one so maybe he will grow up with a taste for it.

  4. Mmm… I think I have to go and have some Vegemite toast now… (I don't mind Marmite either but as an Aussie, my loyalties are on the V-side!)

  5. Marmite with lashings of butter, or with cheese, or cucumber. Or to flavour nut roast. My son loves it, I think I ate too much of it when I was pregnant (that and frozen peas – all he ate on Christmas day!).

  6. Haha tomato? I grew up eating the stuff and even I think that's an odd combo. Try marmite and avocado together, that's only way I really like it.

    • a few people told that hows they ate it! No one yet mentioned avocado.. you're the first for that one!

  7. Marmite and fried plantain?! I grew up on Marmite (from my British mum, mostly on toast with butter but sometimes on sausages for a treat).. but I can't even imagine what that combo might taste like. My kids are both fans of it straight out of the jar, but maybe we'll have to try something a little more fancy this weekend!

    • I wanted to pair it with something sweet and my friend pip told me to do marmite and bananas… but I'd rather swallow the whole thing or marmite than eat a banana so I went with good ole' plantains 🙂

    • its a yeast based spread… and lots and lots of salt. I can't really compare it to anything. Sticky like really thick honey, but just very salty… like one of those soup stock gels.

  8. haha i think this post has sealed it for me: i have no real desire to try marmite, as intriguing as it is.

    • haha. I mena, if anyone ever has it, try it… but yeah, buying it to waste it, doesn't seem wonderful 😉