hummus & white bean, tomato, onion, and parsley salad…
(all from my favorite hidden away market)
and extra olive oil, cause I can drink that stuff for breakfast.
I’ve been putting together a little guide (mostly food) for south florida. I receives emails constantly from newcomers, travelers, or new vegans for suggestions, so I figured its about time I do it. I know it will be unnecessary for most of my readers, but it’s been a lot of fun (and work) to put together. I’ve also realized how I spend all my time in west palm or miami, and nothing in-between, heh… but it will make for a more delicious mostly vegan friendly small city guide 😉 I’m even including some of my ‘secret spots’ which I won’t even tell some of my better friends about. They can find it on their own, until then: it’s my secret safe place 🙂 I’ll also have a drink guide too, because even though most bars are a smokey lung killing mess, we all need to know where to get a good beer when traveling 😉 and of course a (mostly outdoor– kid friendly) fun guide! Round one should be up tomorrow 🙂 Happy day, friends! 


  1. Oh my goodness. A) That toast looks amazing. B) I wish I'd come across your blog with its vegan guides during my trip to the ol' US of A. I ate far too many potatoes during my time there.

  2. So excited for the round up! We go down to Miami every year and stay at my Grandparents house in North Beach, but we always just stick around the house. I would love to know some fun places to take the kids and food places are always a plus!