Not your typical short description toast post: I bought marmite for the first time, it had been calling my name each time I walked past it in the store. I had NO idea what to expect. I spread a smidge on, like recommended, took one bite and was overcome with saltiness. I did not expect that at all, but I hadn’t paid much attention to the ingredient list either (bad vegan. No, just kidding, I knew it was vegan, and loaded with B vitamins!). So, I poured honey on top…. and made pesto the for other slice. What an interesting party on my plate and in my mouth. 

Now what to do with the marmite? I found this book, tempting… we’ll see, I still have to try this salty paste with Marlowe. Any recommendations, Brits? 

Speaking of the UK… I just recently began watching (and getting completely sucked into) Downton Abbey… and now I can’t stop speaking to myself with a British accent. I find myself embarrassing. 

Also, speaking of bread and books. I receive emails constantly about the bread we eat, and if I make it. It’s always (unless otherwise stated) a loaf of sourdough… and I don’t make it. Alex (M’s father), well, he’s still a chef, and more importantly: a baker. One of the perks of co-parenting with this man is: ready to bake dough coming to my door. So no, I don’t have a recipe, but I can totally recommend a few books: (in order of recommendation) My Bread, Tartine Bread, Flour Water Salt Yeast

And thank you so so so so much to all that have voted! It made a HUGE difference! I am so grateful! Cheers, friends! 


  1. I don't like Marmite but one of our friends ate it with toasted hot cross buns the other day if you want to try a strange option 🙂

  2. soooo…..kind of completely off subject but what is your vegan pesto recipe?? I need a good one!

  3. Looking at your picture it seems to be spread around a medium thickness. For a light spread have a tiny blob on the end of you knife and gently tease it across the surface of hot buttered toast. Nothing finer! I have it on sourdough every morning.

  4. Will you be trying Vegemite next?! My tip: Spread on the Vegemite, allow the toast to cool just so much so that butter won't completely melt on it, then put some butter on TOP… yumuuuum!

  5. I spent a year nannying for a couple little boys in Australia, then I married an Australian. There's always an agrument over which one of the three brands tastes best (I guess one is saltier, one is sweeter, etc. I don't try them because I have to eat gluten free and they have barley malt. The smell though? I just can't take it!)

    One thing I've learned from the Aussies in my life when it comes to Marmite/Promite/Vegemite is: BUTTER.

    Some folks require a thick layer of butter with the tiniest amount of vegemite spread on top or mixed in. Some, I've heard, even use it as a steak marinade (so might maybe be something to consider with tofu maybe?)

    Once, I put too much vegemite on the 3 yr old nanny boy's saltines, and he came home from preschool and told me that he doesn't "like vegemite very well" any more. The cutest thing. His brother didn't mind if it was spread on thick like peanut butter.

    I guess that's the second bit of advice: spread it thin. An Australian told me that Americans make the mistake of treating it like peanut butter, but the flavor is just to overpowering for that.

    Then, there's my husband. He is a bit extreme. (Bull riding, survives box jellyfish stings and what should be fatal bicycle vs car accidents, sledding into a hole he made in the frozen lake at my grandparents' lake house in Minnesota in the middle of the coldest winter in ages…) He likes to eat vegemite by the spoonful. Dip the spoon in butter, then in Vegemite. (gag!) So…I don't recommend that one. It's just funny/shocking.

  6. Mmmm Marmite! We go through LOTS of this stuff. They make a Marmite XO too which is even better but mega money 🙁 I use it in soups a lot, but my fave is on a hot crumpet (do you have them?) with some butter / spread. Deeelish!

  7. that's really great you have a positive relationship with M's dad. It's gonna do her so much good growing up!

  8. Hi Drea,
    I just stumbled across your blog, and fell instantly in love! My husband and I have owned a bakery in Australia for just over a year, and now I have no idea what I did before fresh sourdough everyday!

    I always heard that vegemite and marmite are both an "all or nothing" kind of food….but as an American who suddenly found herself craving my vegemite toast, I can attest to the fact that it is possible to learn to love it! I enjoy it like many others here have already said….just the thinest scraping over toast and butter. Or on a cracker with cheese as an afternoon snack. My 1yo son already loves the stuff in a sandwich with cheese or avocado. Good luck!

  9. we haven't had marmite on the shelf in YEARS! (since the earthquakes) people are selling it on trademe (like ebay) for $! that's how much people miss it here. 🙂 i have a heap on my toast, with nothing else – that's how i grew up eating it but most people think it looks disgusting how i eat it 🙂 it's good with tomatoes!

  10. This is hilarious. I'm particularly loving all the marmite verses vegemite comments. I'm a Brit through and through and therefore enjoy mine on toast, with butter and a cup of english tea. No vegemite here thanks 😉
    Stan LOVES it!

  11. I eat it usually when I can't tell what it is I want to eat. On fresh bread rather than toast, with butter and only with the merest whisper of a vague hint that the lid came off. Does the job.
    Marmite and tomatoes? Mushrooms? Ooer, I have yet to try these…

  12. Hi Drea! I'm so happy you discovered Marmite: I used to hate it, and then I suddenly grew to love it.

    I find that marmite and mushrooms seems to be a really good combo. I sometimes fry some mushrooms with some thyme and a little bit of water. Once the musrooms are cooked, I stir in a bit of marmite so it makes a thick goopy sauce. I like to have it toast spread thickly with soya spread.

  13. YOU HAVE MARMITE IN YOUR COUNTRY?! A Sanitarium one is made in New Zealand and our factory for it closed down because of the earthquake! We haven't had marmite in two years! I consider you to be lucky! Haha I love that stuff! 🙂

    • oh man…. I really had no idea. This makes me want to go back, buy a bunch, and mail it out to all of you guys! andddddd… check the expiration date to see when mine was made :/

  14. If you can get Vegemite get that. It is the Aussie version and it is way better. Lots of butter on grainy bread. The amount of spread is a personal thing. I like it mixed with the butter, but most people here (in Australia) like the butter melted and the vegemite thin. My (2yo) daughter eats it straight from the jar. She even insisted on opening it sitting in the trolley at the supermarket. She was a mess at the checkout, but very cute.

  15. ew marmite is gross. you really should try vegemite! it's so much better and as a bonus – no sugar. i believe marmite has quite a bit of sugar in there despite its saltiness. vegemite is the best on toast with lots of butter but it's also great with cheese or even avocado on toast.

  16. Persevere with it! I love marmite as does my 2 year old. We love to have it for breakfast on a grainy brown loaf x

  17. Oh marmite, the stuff of English nightmares. I'm afraid I have nothing constructive to offer apart from maybe leave it in the cupboard? I have spent 22 years avoiding that stuff like the plague, sadly a blind taste test at brownie camp caught me out eventually!

  18. Hey Drea, welcome to Downton Abbey club! I loved both series however the first one was more interesting as was concentrated on the 'basement life' of Downton. I find life of simple people (but still playing their games) more entertaining.

    Marmite is not my big addiction… well I've only tried it eight years ago and guess another decade is needed to make me fall in love with its taste. But having it with honey? I'll check my cupboard 🙂

    And of course congrats on jumping to the top on Homies list!!! Let's jump even higher!!! x

  19. Hi Drea!

    Oh you have Marmite in your house?!! That stuff is worth alot to any New Zealnder or Australian at the moment. The factory had to close for repairs due to the Earthquakes, so no one has any!!!
    Its definitely an aquired taste, and shouldn't be piled on.
    My mouth is watering at the thought of it on warm toast with butter 🙂
    (I havent had it in a while 🙁 )

    • Well, since It's not so popular here.. it just sits on the shelf…. waiting, oh so patiently waiting for a buyer 😉 I'm sure you could order it!

  20. i have never tried marmite. i have no idea what it is or what it's made out of. hmmm….

  21. You are not the only one to speak with a faux British accent after watching Downtown Abby! I would say you are a lucky girl to find fresh bread at your doorstep! 😉

  22. I'm going to Portland in May for my anniversary and so excited to go to the bakery of the guy who wrote Flour Salt Water Yeast! Woot!

    • Mmmm! Enjoy! I traveled back from Tartine with two loaves of bread… vacuum sealed… I am not ashamed.

  23. Hi Drea! The ad slogan for marmite over here is 'you either love it or you hate it' and i think its very true! Those who hate it tend to have been scarred by having it smeared on their toast as thick as jam and had a shock that's stayed with them forever! I've always been in the 'love' camp. the key is to have it so thin on your buttered (or olive oiled) toast that you can barely see it – I used to have marmite and tomato puree sandwiches in my lunch box when I was kid – i wasn't very popular ;)!! now we melt it in to bolognese sauce or veggie casseroles like we would use vegetable stock and it adds an extra richness (perfect in your black bean stew type recipes!) I also enjoy it on toast, very thin topped with a really chunky guacamole! hope you enjoy experimenting with it. Don't try marmite and satsuma on toast though, that really is revolting! 🙂 Emily

    • I've never heard of Satsuma! How interesting! That sounds like it would be revolting together!

  24. Marmite- always a hate it or love it kind of thing! It is amazing with sharp cheddar cheese- any vegan ideas of where you can go with that?

    • I use vegan cheese…. SOMETIMESm for pizza or a quesadilla.. but it's really not delicious stuff, I just stray away from all of it. So I'm probably out of luck as a vegan on that one! 🙂

  25. Hi Drea,

    Marmite is definitely an aquired taste. Most people who haven't grown up with it wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole so props to you! It's great on any toast but my favorite is with an everything bagel. Vegan butter and just a scrape of marmite will do the trick! With a cup of english breakfast tea and a little Downton of course.


  26. mmmm marmite, here in the UK (not sure if they say it elsewhere) they say you either love it or hate it. I like it! Thinly spread on toast, so regular, but often with slices of jarlsberg cheese on top, (sorry not very vegan), or simply, just fresh sliced juicy tomatoes, actually thats my favourite, marmite and fresh tomatoes….mmm

  27. I've always wondered about marmite. Sounds interesting… I wonder what Marlowe will think!