elephant c/o oana befort
cloth napkins c/o dot & army
telling me stories while I work and all day long. “the penguin’s in trouble mama! we have to help him!”
It’s been really cold around these parts. Like, really cold. And I know, I hear it all the time, “40 degrees is not THAT cold, Drea!” And I know that’s partially true… but 40 degrees is 45 degrees colder than the 85 degree heat we had not even a week ago… and well, 45 degrees is a really big drop, for any person at any temp! Am I right? (Yes.)  Our home stays pretty insulated, which can be pretty good… or sometimes, really bad….because man, oh man it has been chilly in the mornings. I’m not an incredibly motivated person in the chilly weather. I try to be, and hope one day I can be, but I’m just not. I thrive in the heat and sun. I’m a florida girl, forever and ever. Without a heater to keep us warm, I did the next best thing, heated our home via kitchen. I popped on the oven, de-frosted a loaf of sour-dough, and started chopping away at a variety of vegetables. My sous chef (the best sous chef in the world) helped me out… mostly by shredding basil and picking out beans… then leaving me with one of the largest messes, ever. Messy little chef. While tomatoes roasted, I sautéed onions, celery, and carrots in two separate pots. I made enough soup to give us leftovers for most of the week (especially if you count the chili I made the day before). One, our standard roasted tomato basil soup. And the second, a new creation, that I made up as I went along…. a broth-y garbanzo, vegetable, rice soup, with a touch of pesto for a kick. Different from the creamier soups I prefer, but delicious and fitting for such cold day. I ate “the green soup” for lunch, and marlowe ate a mix of the two. She wanted the tomato, but was upset to not have chickpeas… but luckily, the blend worked just fine 🙂 For dinner, we switched off, tomato for me, and “green soup” for her. Our house was warm, for most of the day, and we accomplished quite a bit, in the sunny hours, but once the sun went down, we both jumped right back in bed 🙂 We’ll be eating soup for the next few days… but luckily, we both REALLY love soup.


  1. I tend to stay in bed when it's cold too! Definitely thrive on sunny, warm days. And I want to make soup now! (I had lentil with a dallop of plain yogurt today)

  2. Beautiful post. These photos are so lovely, I keep scrolling through them and admiring the colors and compositions.

  3. As a born & raised Southern Californian 40 can be quite cold. But one thing about being our here is that we always have cold nights & mornings with frost. For once, I'm looking forward to our dry 100 degree summers. Anywho, nice innovation with warming the house up! What a great sous chef, too! =)

  4. Wow seems like she really loves her soup! She's adorable, love her messy little hair curls. 😀

  5. 40 degrees is too cold for a house with no heat! and a 45 degree drop in a week is ridiculous! i'm in idaho, and even i think that's cold!

  6. that's super cold for a house with no heat! i'm in idaho, and we have the heat running at that temp. and a 45 degree drop in a week is ridiculous. too cold!

  7. I hate when my relatives or friends up north tell me I'm being over dramatic about it being cold. I don't care where you're from- 40 degree weather with wind is chilly!

  8. 40 degrees is cold! i am in philadelphia, and i am so over the cold and ready for it to warm up already. soup sounds like a good idea, and i love that you made two kinds. hope is all warms up again soon.

  9. love your home, looks to be coming together. I LOVE soup, have you or were you planning on posting the recipes for each soup?

  10. we were just in FL and the 40-60 degree weather was deff cold, even for someone from from 20 degree CT weather