permi sleepy work too much face. 
I’m not sure why, but every brunchday, it’s pretty standard for everyone to give me their best “ROOARRRRR” (lets scare mama) face. This is hers. 
I think Marlowe is a breakfast girl. For me, unless it’s a bagel or toast, I can pass… very, very easily on breakfast. But this girl, every morning, without fail,  she wakes up asking for waffles. It’s quick and easy, we pop one out of the freezer, onto a skillet, and heat it up. I haven’t made the plunge into buying a waffle maker yet, it seems like a serious decision to make. Whether its 20$ or 200$, buying any sort of uni-tasker always needs to be well thought about. So if its not waffles on brunch days, I think this might go down as both Marlowe and my favorite meals (unless you count pizza for me): tofu scramble and biscuits and gravy. Easy enough, especially with two people cooking, and pretty healthy, if you don’t eat too many biscuits. Also, we’re still going at that party champagne. Did you know you could re-seal champagne bottles? You can apparently. And there was just so much of it! I am not complaining though, adding a mimosa to any breakfast, makes it better. Right? Right. (Now I want biscuits again….)
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  1. i could live on biscuits alone. i almost did the last few weeks of my pregnancy because i craved them so much.

    • I need the gravy… I always need the gravy. But otherwise yes, but I need pizza too 🙂

  2. Yum, yum! Def. starting up brunch days here thanks to your inspiring ways… Marlowe adorable as always. My goodness she is the spitting image of her papa 🙂

  3. Is Alex living with you again or just over for brunch??
    No judgements either way just curious.
    I have a somewhat similar story to yours other side of the planet.

  4. I love our waffle maker. We use it all the time. I've been known to use it for paninis too. Get one!

  5. Buying a waffle maker is something that needs a lot of consideration, indeed. My mother used to buy all sort of kitchen stuff that she almost never used and now, I have everything I need and even more. From a waffle maker to a yogurt maker to everything. I feel so lucky.

    • Exactly! I mean, I would love a stocked kitchen with every appliance in the world… but we gotta be practical here. I def. don't use my ice-cream maker as much as I thought I would. Womp.

  6. Hi! Maybe you should look up for a silicon waffle mold. I know "Lekue" mark makes it thiugh i have not. Aas we live in Belgium, we have the big machine :-), but i'm tginking about buying this mold.
    My daughter, as a good belgian, is also crazy about waffles!

  7. All of your meals always look so delicious! And waffles are the best breakfast food, ever. 😉

  8. now I am going to have to go out and buy some champagne for weekend morning mimosas! so many beautiful colors in your home

  9. Oh oh oh! Buy the waffle maker! When I had to go gluten-free, I was so sad to say goodbye to my beloved waffle maker. BUT THEN! I found recipes for waffle hash browns. See? Double duty! And I am sure there are other recipes for waffle-shaped non-waffle things.

  10. We are big fans of your gravy recipe around here, and when we want to feel like we're being healthier (or I don't feel like making them) we eat the gravy on toasted Ezekiel bread instead of biscuits. Love the sesame one. Still absolutely delicious. I'm actually starting to like it even better!

  11. Hi! I've been following your blog for quite some time now and I must say that even though I'm not vegan or even vegetarian, it is very interesting to see what the alternative would be and you always make it seem very tasty 🙂 Also, I loved your previous post about work – I'm the same, but I never really knew how to put it in words 🙂
    What I've been wondering is if Alex is also vegan? If he is, did you point him in this direction and if he isn't, how do you two make it work in the food department? 😀

    • HI 🙂

      He's not vegan, or even close to being vegetarian. For me, non-vegan are perfectly cool, whatever, a-okay, as long as they are food-conscious (no fast food, not a lot of processed crap, food appreciators and lovers). He is. And for him, he feels the same, he's okay with my food choices, because he appreciates the way I look at food. He only eats about one to three meals a week in the house, because of his schedule. (out of the house 14 hours a day, 6 days a week)— so everything is almost always vegan in the house. In the morning, he makes coffee– whole milk for him, soy or almond milk for me. On his days off, we eat out a lot, to give us both a little bit of a break, in which case he gets whatever he wants and M and I get vegan things. It gets a little ridiculous at times, like last night at dinner, I asked for the veg menu and got a noodle vegetable dish, and he got a whole duck…. but it works. When we lived together, pre baby, pre restaurant life days, and ate all our meals together, our meals were vegan, but he would sometimes top rice or whatever with eggs and load his pasta plate with cheese. So it was more of a vegetarian house. Sometimes, but very rarely, there would be bacon or he would buy ingredients to make a pork stock or something, but that was kind of it. And since I don't almost ever eat any of the mock meat— it worked well, because we just focused on all things plant based. And then, the same meals out dynamic worked— vegetables for me, a whole pork meal for him. and so on. Also, when we have dinner parities of friends over, we usually just do vegan things, with a vegetarian option. I'm not against meat in the house, so if he wanted it, he could have it, but it just usually isn't needed 🙂

  12. the straws, pretty linens, beautiful plates, heart shape biscuits–they all make it feel like a celebration. it became a moment rather than a passing meal. it's really sweet.