Hi! Eeep. I’m super excited (and a little bit anxious too!) to announce that my sale is up, live, and running on The Mini Social! I’ve never done something quite this big before… so it’s been a fun adventure to work on 🙂 And I can’t even tell you the amount of time and detail that goes into each piece I work on, so it feels really good to see them finally showcased and live all in one place 🙂 If you’d like, head on over and check out the sale 🙂  You have to sign up, but The Mini Social always has a ton of great (mostly kiddo and baby stuff) available, so I think it’s worth it 🙂 
Eeep! What a fun few days it’s been and more importantly: will be. I’m throwing a fun party tomorrow… and I cannot wait to get together with my friends. It’s been too long since I’ve seen them all here together. And well, any excuse to get everyone here, is great to me 🙂 But for now, I’m back to custom orders, partying with my little one (she keeps saying “happy birthday to mama, to me, and to jerry!”), and to clean house. Busy-bee weekend, but only with the best of things 🙂 You know me, only happy, if I’m doing five things at once. Party time!
The sale is live until wednesday! If you know of anyone who would be interested in a mobile or dreamcatcher, please share the word 🙂 Thank you thank you!
Happy weekend everyone! 
*this post was brought to you by way too many exclamations and smileys and a few eeps too 🙂 


  1. hey, so cool! proud of you mama. i didn't know you made dream catchers. josh and i have been making tons for his room. may have to add one of yours to our collection 😉 we're hoping they'll help his night terrors go away.

  2. Congratulations Drea, they are lovely. Hope you have a fantastic weekend, it is well-deserved!

  3. Those are beautiful! Way to go! And feel free to use lots of exclamation points! This is super exciting and you should be really proud of yourself!!!!!! I'm been a long time reader and just want you to know that I think you are an amazing lady and mom. You are very inspiring, and I love reading along:) Have a great weekend!

  4. I've been reading your blog from the beginning and I am so happy for you! As a reader I am on the sidelines cheering you on with all these exciting things happening in your life right now. Go Momma Go!

    Congrats Drea! and I also hope you will make some of your cute baby rattles again. 😉

  5. Gorgeous! Can't wait to go explore! I love your blog – I am a new reader and think you have such a beautiful house and daughter, and you are truly talented. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I've only heard about the mini social because of you. All the dream catchers and mobiles look great. Will you be putting some other things on the site like felt pizza, etc. I remember from previous posts?

    Enjoy the party!!! xx