Matcha latte, my new grassy delicious tasting jam.
Yard work day three. Outfit two, when she realized how cold it was. Outfit one was instagrammed.
napping in a big girl bed.
sometimes you need tall beautiful friends to help you de-party your home.
home depot runs. she found a candy wrapper and said, “mama, this place is a mess!”
what marlowe eats: pretty much a vegan version of spanish ‘calentado’– typically: leftovers heated up the next day for breakfast– from some sort of rice, chicken, and veg dinner, with added potatoes, and eggs. No chicken or eggs here, just tofu scramble, potatoes, corn, beans, and rice all fried up in a skillet. nom nom.
awful quality, but perfect moments.
each night, she brings a stack of books to read into her big girl bed. it completely melts my heart. I used to do it every night too, and even with the same little lamp 🙂
being eco-friendly can be incredibly beautiful thanks to dot and army.
I ended up with the girliest girl ever.
passover with my favorite jews (laura’s family).
what a toddler looks like after they passed out in the back of a car holding a chocolate covered pretzel.
organizing rooms, pulling out the lite-brite. she made a volcano ^^
Making green soup, her request. Use this recipe, add broccoli and zucchini, no garbanzos. puree all the way.
you know, when your man dates order the girliest looking drinks at the table.



  1. I agree, nothing goes as well in lattes as soy. I miss it for that reason alone. I was thinking of trying rice milk (it's neutral, but oh so watery). If that fails, I'll go with almond. Thanks for the insight!

  2. The home depot story is hilarious! Love the photo you captured, too. May I ask what kind of plant-based milk you find works best in your matcha? I'm going to make some, but have decided to steer clear of soy (my usual go-to) and wondering if almond or coconut might overpower the matcha.

    • For the matcha– I use soy milk. M and I use almond milk for all things in this house— except for lattes. I buy one carton of soy milk for lattes, because of the fat content, it helps make the milk extra foamy and delicious. I think Almond would be the next best choice though… it's one of the more mild tasting milks 🙂

  3. I can’t get over how your living room has that amazing sun roof. I mean it’s just awesome.

  4. Wow your daughter really loves her greens! 😀 Btw the photo of her in the car-seat totally cracked me up. 😀