-It’s friday, I didn’t even realize that that was happening until I woke up. Where did the week go?
-It’s March 1st. How did that happen?! This year is zooming by (again).
-I’m in the process (towards the end) of re-opening up an etsy shop, hosting a big sale on the mini social, and slowly going through and picking up the pace on the custom mobile orders that have been coming in. 
-I need to make it a point to check my spam box a lot more. I feel like a jerk when I remember to do it and find an email that’s been sitting there for weeks, requiring a response. 
-Rainy season is here. Part of me loves it and the other part is reminded why I left the north. “You don’t do well in not-sunny” seems to be one of the most true statements I’ve heard this week.
-Decorating a house has been a very slow moving process, but a very enjoyable one. I’m normally the type that likes to un-pack everything in one night, and get everything “perfect” within the first few hours… it doesn’t really work that way when you move into a house 3x the size of any of your previous places. But it hasn’t got me anxious this time, it’s been nice. Mission bathrooms is next.
-How do you like my new bench? I want to hug it. I don’t care for many material things, but a bench made by hand by an old man sea lover…? Yes, I love. And even better, when it’s been salvaged from an old boat/ship/haul/whatever. 
-Speaking of ships, did I ever mention I went to school for Marine Affairs? My original plan was Marine Biology, but somehow I was convinced to move into a different, less science route. Though, I think I did much of my own convincing 😉 It seemed like a good move… shipping and fishing laws and things. My class days were spent learning about making our ocean more sustainable…. along with different ships, lighthouse structures, and fisheries. Did you know the first lighthouse was built in Boston, MA? There’s a random fact for your friday. It was a nice adventure, but even now, 7-ish years later, I’m grateful to never take another oceanography exam again. 
Enough about benches and boats.
-Today is Marlowe’s last day of daycare. I have so many mixed emotions about it. I’m excited, I’m sad, I’m nervous, I’m relieved. We made cookies for her to bring to class. I’m nervous to explain tomorrow, and for the rest of the days, that she won’t be going back… she won’t understand.
I don’t think I’ll be featuring What Marlowe Eats on the blog anymore. Maybe, maybe, maybe sometimes, but not often at all. Most of our daily meals, have already been posted– They’re quick, easy, delicious, and usually pretty healthy, so we keep them around with little change. Maybe I’ll just start a small collection folder for any new and different things we might make.
-I’ve been failing at jump starting a detox. 
The other day, I didn’t get my eyebrows done, and for the past two nights, I’ve had dreams about my eyebrows. I’ve been debating on signing up for a sleep study of some sort. I’ve written about sleep so many times on this thing, it should have it’s own tag. 
-It’s almost my birthday! 10 more days. I’m planning a small, but hopefully lots-of-fun party for next saturday. I’m looking forward to it. 
Desiree recently wrote, “we must do more than exist, we must live.” And that’s my new goal that I’m tacking onto this year. Living is cool and life is undeniably good, but especially now that Marlowe will be by my side, once again, all day long, I want to make the push to venture out, do more, and live. 
Happy March, everyone. 


  1. I'm so in love with your blog, I've been reading it almost since the beginning. It's been fun watching Marlowe grow and envying your life in Florida and just read all your stories and adventures. You inspired me to start my own. (:


  2. Why didn't you ever take me to that place? Wah· Guess I'll have to come visit you to remedy that.

  3. It's funny, you touched on the one totally crazy thing I have: eyebrows. If they're not groomed, they become very unruly (like old crazy man) and I get obsessed with them. I can't stop touching them, like a toddler that's found a flaw in, oh, anything at all–or is it only my kids who do that?

    • I just spent 45 minutes tweaking them.

      and yes, i think thats standard for all toddlers. they're crazy.

  4. Love the last paragraph. Every day is a brand new day, and we should live it to its fullest. 🙂

  5. Drea, this place is wonderful! where is it?

    I am currently studying marine biology, I can't help it but I am in love with the ocean. marine affairs sure sounds neat!

    • It's here in west palm 🙂 Not sure of the exact address but but its on dixie hwy…. somewhere a tiny bit south or northwood. west side of the road. 🙂

      I knew I would have loved marine bio, but because of where I lived, I was able to join the marine affairs program for half the price… i figure it would still be good for anything environmental I wanted to do 🙂 Also, I'm deathly afraid of the ocean (but in love with it)

    • I'm not sure! but its on dixie… somewhere a tiny bit south or north wood. west side of the road. You can't miss it.

  6. With every post there's something new about you I love to read. Marine Affairs? That sounds awesome! I can only add my bit by saying I was studying timber technology (what?!) because I wanted to be a furniture designer. If that beautifully unique bench needs some soft of fixing, let me know 😉

    Happy March, Drea!! Venture and explore, girls. xx


  7. That is so funny you talk about your table made of boats, I brought a lamp table at a antique shop which has most amazing colors on it and it was made of old boats! I love that once upon a time it was a mans boat, he maybe fished in it somewhere in the world! cant beat a piece of furniture with history.