I’ve been a little bit “on call” for the past week. It started on friday when I offered to make dinner for my brother and sister in law. I arrived at their house, tidied up, started making dinner, and my sister in law came home to tell me she may or may not be having contractions. Is there a baby coming? Is there not? Are these contractions real? It was a waiting game. On saturday, still the same. On and off. Waiting. On sunday, it was Alex’s birthday. We planned a fair amount of things to do this past weekend— but we were pretty unsure of what we would actually be able to do– and for how long until we got the call. We opted to stay with our Miami plans. We drove around in the sunshine, debating on what our first meal stop should be. After a little back and forth on new (to us) places, we opted for another delicious meal at Khong River House. The weather was perfect outside— everything I planned to not expect (thunderstorms all over the forecast and on and off clouds in the sky). We headed to the design district, we grabbed coffee and tea and sat in the cloudy Florida sunshine. We drove a few short blocks north to midtown to try out Acme Bread and sat outside sipping on ginger soda and the fourth (maybe fifth) espresso of the day for Alex. We got the call from my brother that it might be time to start heading back, and decided to take a bit of the scenic route north and lost our way into a palm tree farm. We headed east to the beach and found a boardwalk that we’d like to never return to again. We planned dinner— but time was running out, because hours and hours later– it was finally time to head to the hospital. We skipped dinner and met Marlowe and my mom at our house to sing happy birthday with a very excited cupcake-wanting toddler. I wished Alex a happy birthday, kissed them both goodbye and headed out the door to celebrate a soon to be new birthday 🙂 Camera in hand, I was able to experience a birthing experience different from my own (a labor most women dream of), on the other side of the room. Labor and birth is experience unlike any other and I feel so grateful to experience it on two different ends. The emotions and the excitement are endless, and the tears, they’re bound to come— inevitable– with the first glance of a newborn, your new new family, welcomed into the world. What a whirlwind this week has been. Three days of labor for my brother and his now family of three, family in town, and a celebration of Alex between the moments of the free time we have together. 
I hope you’re all having a tremendous week 🙂 


  1. Those daddy daughter photos at the end are so precious! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! How exciting that you got to be there for the birth!

  2. YAYY!! how exciting! & panther is the greatest coffee ever! love taking a day trip down there. next time I'll have to try out that cute bakery.

  3. Congratulations to you all, how exciting to have an addition to your family.

  4. Congrats to your brother and happy birthday to Alex!

    I also wanted to say that I love how crazy happy you seem these days and I am glad that your sweet little family is together and brunching together once again. You all seem so happy and it makes me happy to see. I can't think of other words besides happy; sorry to use it to death.

  5. Congratulations to your brother and his family! Happy Birthday to Alex! And I can only imagine how incredible being able to experiencing a new life being brought into this world (and not being the one doing the pushing) can be. 🙂